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    [Theosophical Society, Atlanta, GA 9/19/2010] Gina E. Jones explains the Cards of Life, the ancient mystical science, which combines astrology and numerology with the playing cards. The Cards of Life not only explains the personality and characteristics of everyone in the world, but also provides timely and practical understanding into the events and experiences in our lives.

    Gina E. Jones is a Cardologer, Certified Magi Counselor and the Founder of the International Association of Cardology and its new Cardology Community: Official International Online Forum for Cardology. Gina Jones is also an award-winning author, screenwriter and former radio talk show host and, most importantly, she is a Queen of Diamonds♦. It is said that if Queen of Diamonds♦ people adopt a spiritual path in life, they can realize a special mission and receive great insights about spiritual realization and self-mastery. Gina feels she is doing exactly that by bringing you the recently discovered sacred science of the cards called The Cards of Life.

    While writing the screenplay for her novel, "Flying Between Heaven and Earth", Gina began to see how her own life seemed to be scripted in the cards. Looking back to the earlier years of her life, she discovered that all her experiences growing up were actually written out like a well-scripted movie. Everything about her life was there, written in an ancient code made up of colors, symbols and numbers, and described the highs and lows of her life in great detail. This is when Gina discovered that she, too, is a character in a story–a much bigger story. Gina says, “Shakespeare was right. All the world is a stage. We are souls playing roles and each one of us is a character and should really lighten up and start having some fun while playing out our scripts here on planet Earth!” Show less
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    The Cards of Life reveal your life's script—past, present and future! They contain the record of your entire life from birth till death. Each of the 53 (52 plus the Joker) playing cards represents a day in the year; therefore, your birthday reveals your personality, what your talents are, what type of work will bring the most satisfaction, how you interact with others, who your most significant relationships will be with, what your biggest challenges are and how you'll get the most from your life.

    Visit The Cards of Life website and discover your life of destiny: past, present and future!
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