• The BossHole Effect Introduction to Leadership Skills

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    The BossHole Effect is a website, and a new book, devoted to teaching the average person the leadership skills to become a good leader, a great boss and the leader of a successful team. Our motto is, learn to lead. The approach is practical, simple and designed to be easy to implement immediately.
    The website url is: http://www.thebossholeeffec...

    Dr. Greg L. Alston and Valerie R Alston M.A. have written an easy to read and practical guide called The BossHole Effect, Three simple steps anyone can follow to become a great boss and lead a successful team.

    In the traditional management model, many bosses treat employees as a disposable resource. This attitude does nothing to benefit either the manager or employee. Instead it results in higher employee turnover rates, less productivity for the organization, and poor morale. In other words, the The BossHole Effect.
    This effect is better described at:
    The BossHole Effect is the powerful capacity of a BossHole to suck the joy, energy, enthusiasm, and greatness out of any organization. Research has shown that far too many people are actively disengaged at work and are functioning as just mindless drones.
    In the book, the authors draw on their combined experiences as employees, managers, and coaches to provide a compelling and comprehensive guide for bosses and leaders to follow. In each chapter, three principles are outlined for the reader to follow in their daily actions. By following these principles, readers will evolve into the type of leader and boss that commands respect from his or her team by creating an environment that allows their team to function at a championship level. This works for any team that requires a group of people to common together for a common purpose to get good work done. It can be used for sports, business or your personal life.
    With candor, humor, and a tremendous amount of personal insight, The BossHole Effect will show you how it's possible to make the transition from BossHole to Great Boss starting today!
    You will not be a perfect leader. No one was and no one is. But you can be better than 90 percent of your competition by learning how to be a Great Boss and not acting like a BossHole.
    You can rate your current or former boss on the BossHole rating Scale using our free boss rating tool at: http://thebossholeeffect.co...
    You can rate yourself to find out if you are performing any BossHole like behavior by using our free boss rating tool at: http://thebossholeeffect.co...
    These tools are our original design and employee ten different dimensions of behavior to accurately assess boss behavior and categorize it.
    The software uses a series of questions to identify the dominant behavior pattern of the person being rated. Each boss will be categorized as either a:
    Great Boss
    The best of the best. This is the kind of person who inspires you to become excellent at what you do.
    Good Boss
    Way better than most people. Not perfect but fully capable of becoming a great boss.
    Partial BossHole
    About the same as everyone's boss. Not annoying enough to force you to find a new job but not helpful enough to make you better.
    Makes me not want to go to work. You need to get rid of this knucklehead to save your company.
    The Complete BossHole
    The worst of the worst. This clown will never change and will make your life miserable. Get out as soon as you can.

    Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach, a teacher a parent or a business person trying to run your own small business you will find this information provocative, informative and instantly useful.
    Have some fun watching our short 45 to 60 second episodes of, You Might Be A BossHole. These video vignettes make fun of bad bosses in a humorous and light hearted way. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and the Playlist to get a good laugh every week as new episodes are released.

    Check out the website at: http://www.thebossholeeffec...
    and follow us on twitter at @nobossholes

    No purchase is necessary to receive lots of helpful information. But if you are interested in the book it is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and IBook format. Get more information at: http://www.thebossholeeffec... Show less
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