• Teqneek- Dark Days

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    From the upcoming album Kill Teqneek. Beat by Axtekk. Lyrics below...
    Also- check out my latest album:

    Rise out of my bed, pissed at how//
    All this turned out, as I begin to diss myself//
    How many ways can I explain I exist in hell//
    I'm suffocating face down in the wishing well//

    My downs and ups, I'm wishing they were flipped around//
    Look up to you, and all you do is kick me down//
    And now it's- rise out the death bed, wish me well//
    And witness my offensive against myself//

    I'm missing out on all the things I wished about//
    Confused at what it was I did when I wished them out//
    So wish me well, or whatever fuck it fish me out//
    The Chesapeake Bay baby, with a fishy mouth//

    If this is how it is, you can dim the blinds//
    And count me out, goodnight, you can hit the lights//
    Goodbye- for now... I mean- for at least a while//
    Okay, I'm back... Hooray- you ain't even smiled//

    ----- ----- -----
    It isn't easy to forgive and forget//
    You never forget, and all we do is live in regret//
    Admit and repent, and confess, and when I did it I wept//
    'Cause it's what's out of my control that has me feeling depressed//
    And I guess...
    It isn't easy to forgive and forget//
    You never forget, and all we do is live in regret//
    We need to make a better UV ray//
    Because the Sun ain't quite a bright enough light in these dark days//
    ----- ----- -----

    I try to- kiss the clouds, and I kiss the ground//
    And you don't pick me up and you don't lift me out//
    And now I can't go to bed and there's nothing on//
    'Cause I threw the television set through the fucking wall//

    And I'm a...

    Insomniac when you go to sleep I'mma stay awake//
    And slip away like the undertow but I'm over waves//
    ...I ain't under you but you over me//
    And the weight I hold is immeasurable and crushing me//

    ...Walls are closing in and I'm underneath//
    Of a swinging lowering pendulum and it's cutting me//
    ...And I'm letting it 'cause it's fun to me//
    I'm invincible and I really don't even wanna be//

    A hundred lifetimes trying not to die//
    And not to pry- but I need some replacement eyes//
    'Cause my 2 blues are damaged too far beyond repair//
    And I developed an incurable thousand yard stare//

    ----- ----- -----
    ----- ----- -----

    Since the day I became the goblin and gobbled amphetamine/
    I been solving all of my problems with horrible remedies//
    It was- hood to the burbs to a hooligan in the hood again//
    From- pen to the pad to my own pad, and into the pen//

    I got no motive in keeping up with the Joneses//
    My only current concern at the moment's not to be homeless//
    Emotionless- Put in work every minute and you don't notice it//
    You only searching for negative and you focus it//
    And me?

    I got a problem with causing my own problems//
    And I don't know how I cause 'em and I don't know how to solve 'em//
    ...And that increase in my lack of energy nowadays?//
    ...Well it's scaring the shit right outta me//

    So ride along while I spit this song//
    About how my time ain't gone, but I know this life ain't long //
    But so far, the one thing you can learn from me//
    Is only one damn thing in the world for free//
    -And that's pain. Show less
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