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    Magnetic workholding simplifies setups
    and increases flexibility

    Is magnetic workholding right for me?
    Magnetic workholding has a long and successful history in surface grinding applications. New advances in magnet technology have made magnetic workholding fast and effective for milling and machining applications too.

    If reduced setup times and flexible workholding solutions are important to you, then you should consider magnetic workholding. The MagVISE lineup includes permanent and electro-permanent magnetic work holding solutions designed to handle a wide variety of work pieces.

    What is magnetic workholding best suited for?
    MagVISE magnetic workholding securely holds ferrous materials (iron and steel) for all general drilling, milling, boring and other types of machining operations. Warped, round, rough, or irregular work pieces can be quickly secured using magnetic work holding without tricky setups.

    The MagVISE system is so flexible, you can even magnetically clamp a traditional vise to your machine bed, then use the vise to hold non-ferrous material--and still reduce set-up time over traditional toe-clamp systems.

    What are electro-permanent magnets?
    Electro-permanent magnets use a controller that electronically turns the magnet on and off. Electricity is only used to turn the magnet on and off, so a continuous supply of electricity is NOT needed. Magnetic holding power is maintained in the event of a power outage, so electro-permanent magnets are just as safe as permanent (non-electric) ones. Electro permanent magnets feature increased holding power and reduced size compared to permanent magnets.

    Permanent work holding magnets are mechanically lever activated.
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    If you do high speed, or high torque machining you should seriously consider the benefits of shrink fit technology. Your investment will pay for itself many times over.

    With shrink fit toolholders vibration is reduced and cutting is noticeably faster and smoother. Manufacturing times can be reduced while maintaining the quality and accuracy demanded by today's competitive markets.

    How it works

    Shrink fit uses the expansion and contraction properties of metal to provide extremely powerful tool holding. The bore is slightly smaller than the tool shank, and when heated it expands just enough to allow the tool to be inserted. When it cools, the contraction of the metal holds the cutting tool with 10,000 lbs of force.
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    The sPINner deburring machine works best on small, precision parts, made from non-ferrous metals including: aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and titanium. The deburring process will not affect tolerances or damage delicate parts.

    The sPINner micro deburring process is used in many industries including medical, aerospace, and electronics. It is also a good fit for most parts made on CNC Swiss-type screw machines. It is a great compliment and in some cases replacement for tumblers: In many cases it can reduce deburring time by 70%.

    Stainless Steel Pin Media (SUS 304 with magnetic treatment)
    This special stainless steel media is hardened to HRC 30, and will last for years in most applications. To deburr hard materials like stainless steel, steel, etc., use a diameter of media bigger than 0.5mm. Use sizes less than 0.5mm for soft material like brass, copper, aluminum, gold, etc. Choose larger pins for harder material and/or to increase deburring machine's power.

    If you want to deburr small holes, choose a diameter of pin media that is smaller than the hole. 3mm length media will work better for small holes and crevices.
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