• Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welch) LYRICS - Duration: 3 minutes, 26 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    I really love this song. So of course... I made a music video for it! Hope you'll enjoy! Made with Adobe After Effects CS6. I do not own any of this song.
  • What a night :D

  • Hey there guys :) So if you miss my writing (which I doubt any of you do!) I am starting to write stories on this website wattpad, I'm starting a new story on there. It's not Taylena, no. Sad to say I've moved on from there but it is One Direction related! I dunno if this link works but : http://www.wattpad.com/story/1784233-old-flames-%26-new-f... Love ya x

  • I think I'm quitting writing

  • Wooo! I gratuated ! I'm sad though :( i'll miss all my amazzing friends x x

  • All I can say is... What a night ;)

  • ;(


  • Ahh, I'm overwelmed with happiness right now :)

  • I know, I know.. I haven't uploaded in years :( I'm sorry but Im planning something epic for my 100th video! and Im working on episodes of Secret Intentions and In the eyes of an Angel! Thank you guys for your amazing support! x x x

  • Ahh Im making no progress! I HAVE NO INSPIRATION! Blaah stupid writers block, blah blah flipidy BLAH!

  • Blaaaah Im so tired! I have to get something Taylena related before I go to school! I haven't upload in YEARRSS!

  • I'm so sorry guys, I haven't uploaded anything in a week! I've been really busy all week and I will be most of next week too! Im working on a surprise with a special someone and I have a new series and a oneshot! Sorry and thank you guys for yur support! x x x

  • I feel so sick right now..

  • Oh crap, its my sisters birthday tomorrow... I really should get her a present..

  • I'm thinking of changing In the Eyes of an Angel to a Taylena AND Jemi story, you'll see why when you read it which will happen once I get more comments on the prolouge!!!!

  • Im writing something special but I don't think Im gonna show you guys for another few weeks! My writing is kinda different! And I really need help for a certain special video I'm thinking of doing so, y'know..INBOX ME PLEASE!

  • Who wants me to uploooad? :)

  • Night you guys! I'll be uploading two videos tomorrow, I think! I'm really excited for you guys to see them! x x

  • Night, Night my loves! I'm not feeling too good, hopefully a good night of sleep will do me good! x x x

  • I actually had a healthy break-fast for once, green tea and porrige with sunflower seeds... :P

  • G'Night my loves, sleep ya later! hhaha i am just so funny! *sarcasm* x x x

  • Theres something about the sunshine baby, I'm seeing you in a whole new light :)

  • Woow, planning an epic full awesome series for 4 hours straight can really get you tired! I have really great news for you guys and the best series you will ever watch :D Night x x

  • Anyone want a "The Enemy" epilouge?

  • Night my loves, this writers block has gotten too much! I'll just eat brownies instead :)

  • Woooahh I have some writers block...

  • I'll be back online in a little while x xx

  • Go subscribe to my sister :) I was the lights person in this 5 second video :P

    My teddy :) - Duration: 5 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    This is my teddy:)

  • Okay, maybe I won't be gettting my pictures back today, or ever :/

  • Okay my loves, I was going to do a marathon of videos today but something came up so I'll try to get at least one video up tonight! Thank you all for your patience! <3

  • I just saw The Hunger Games.... It was alright :P I was kinda distracted lol

  • UGHH! I have no time to do anything! I'll be back on track next week hopefully! Got 2 weeks off so I'll be uploading like crazy! <3 x x

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