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    NO GUILT ! NO SHAME ! NO APOLOGIES !‏ http://twm1938.wordpress.com/
    "Hate your enemies, & if a man smite you on one cheek, smash him down; smite him hip & thigh, for self preservation is the highest "law". He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly degenerate, a christling, a christian dog. Give blow for blow, doom for doom, scorn for scorn, with compounded interest liberally added thereunto. Make yourself a terror to your adversary. Thus shall you make yourself respected in all walks of life. "

    "Property is necessary & therefore human animals should obtain a full proportion - or perish in the attempt. Real liberty is a state of bodily & mental self-master-ship (which includes the possession of property & defensive weapons) & independence from official coercion or restraint. To be independent is synonymous with proprietorship. To be property-less & unarmed is the condition of dependence & servitude"

    " Blessed are the strong for they shall possess the earth. Cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke. Blessed are the bold for they shall be the masters of the world. Cursed are the meek for they shall be trodden under hoofs. Blessed are the victorious for victory is the basis of "Right". Cursed are the obedient for they shall breed creep-lings."

    " Blessed are the destroyers of false hope. Cursed are the "god" adorers for they shall be shorn sheep. Blessed are the valiant for they shall obtain great treasure. Cursed are the "lambs of god" for they shall be herded & slaughtered. Blessed is the man who is swift to help his friend. Cursed are the organizers of charities for they are the propagators of plagues.

    " To proclaim that "all men are created equal" is as stupid & unscientific as to assert that all dogs, cattle, apes, & trees are created equal. Are there not as many diverse variety of dogs, cattle apes & trees as there are of men, planets, germs, & stars? Where then is the intrinsic equality between a buffalo bull & a hand fed steer - between a mud hut dwelling cannibal & a Bismark?"

    " Only the Powerful can have real freedom. Power is non-moral. Life is real, life is earnest, & neither fairy-tale heavens nor hell's is its final goal. Each molecule, each animal, fights for it's life. You must fight for yours or surrender. Look well to it, therefore, that your beaks & spurs, your fangs & claws, are as sharp & strong & as effective as science can make them. Many disguise their cowardice, & hide their infantile ineptitude behind the canting whine of "humanity" or "goodness".

    "I deny, & I affirm" is the countersign of material freedom. " I believe, & I obey" is the shibboleth of serfdom. Belief is a flunky, a feminine - doubt is a creator, a master. Strong men are not deterred from their goal by anything. They go straight to the goal, & that goal is Beauty, Wealth & Material Power. There will always be the master & the slave - the ruler & the ruled. Human rights & wrongs are not determined by justice, but by Might. "

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    Yes the official story on 9/11 promoted by the media & Government is by definition a conspiracy theory - though an absurd one.

    It is very easy to conspire against the stupid masses when they have been trained to "feel" that the word conspiracy means "crazy".

    A conspiracy is 2 or more working in concert on nefarious activities they want to keep secret from certain other people.

    History is chock full of huge conspiracies. Then there are smaller conspiracies that the F.B.I. or other law enforcement charges people for (conspiracy to commit this or that act) daily.

    The higher up one goes in any power structure the more conspiracies he can find. The masses would not support the ruler-ship if they were open about what they do.

    Why do you think politicians frequently flatter the masses rather than tell them the truth?
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    Discriminate - Verb
    A: Recognize a destination B: perceive or constitute the difference in or between
    C: to use good judgment

    There is no such thing as the human race. There is a human species that like all species on the planet (plants & animals) is divided into competing subspecies (breeds/races).

    If we do not resist & rather assist in our own destruction - well then that is racial suicide by dictionary definitions though by United Nations definitions it is still genocide.


    Victims of diversity.

    Every 15 minutes in America a black man rapes a White. Over 30,000 times per year. Less than 10 the other way around. Over 3,000 White people are violently attacked every day by Black people.

    Been going on for 50+ years since they stopped fearing that they might hang for serious violent crimes against Whites. Considered a civil right you know.

    The media concentrate on the rare White on non-White crime & ignores the majority of crime. Most violent crime is black on White - not black on black!

    Then there are all the hundreds of thousands of violent crimes committed by other races against us.

    The media encourages those crimes by not warning white people of the danger & misinforming us on racial matters.
    The media also push anti-White propaganda designed to fan the flames of hatred non-whites have for us, incite violence against us & create perverse White guilt.

    The same things are going on worldwide as non-whites flood into ALL White founded nations.
    Why is Jewish nationalism good and white nationalism evil?

    Why does the ADL support Jewish supremacy but attacks white separatism calling it supremacy?

    Why do Jewish intellectuals attack segregation in America but not in Israel?

    Whites opposing Mexican immigration are EVIL? BUT they (ADL & Jewish Media) support Israel, which has segregated housing, segregated roads, segregated schools, NO interfaith marriages, kicks out AFRICAN REFUGEES
    ALL White founded countries are being flooded with MASSIVE non-White immigration. At the same time the 'Western" Zionist controlled media, Governments & academia is promoting anti-White propaganda designed to create perverse "White Guilt" while fanning the flames of hatred non-Whites have for us & inciting violence against us. We are being encouraged to give up what our ancestors worked, fought, struggled, sacrificed & died to leave us without even a fight. We are being encouraged to commit vile unnatural miscegenation. We are being encouraged to commit racial suicide.

    A people (race) can't survive without an adequate territory of its own & for its own kind. Only one race (the White race- Caucasoids) is being denied a territory of it's own for it's survival. Only one race is being targeted for complete & utter racial / genetic genocide. Only we are not allowed to pursue our own destiny.

    General Assembly Resolution 260
    Article 2 of the Convention defines GENOCIDE as any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (think taxes & propaganda)

    (If we do not FIGHt & instead continue to assist our enemies in our own destruction - well that is racial suicide

    Do you think that the other races will treat Whites well (as well as we treat them) when we are a small minority? They do not treat us well NOW!! They HATE us with a passion!

    Remember all that your ancestors did to secure YOUR existence. You are a link in a long chain - a chain that unites & connects you with your ancestors & will connect you & them to your descendants. Do NOT commit the sin against Nature known as miscegenation. Do NOT throw it all away! Stand up & FIGHT for OUR survival as a people / race!!!

    As our countries darken so does our future. If we want a brighter world with less ignorance, poverty, crime & disease - it takes a Whiter world.

    "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children." - THE 14 WORDS - David Lane

    The 2nd 14 WORDS - "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." - David lane
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    Should Blacks (Negroids) be riddled with guilt because Black tribes conquered & enslaved weaker tribes for centuries before Whites arrived or because Blacks sold their own to Jewish slave traders?
    Should Turks today feel guilt about the Armenian Genocide or their enslavement of White Slavs? The word slave comes from Slav since so many were enslaved by mainly non-White Muslims. Should Muslims & Mongoloids be reminded about their brutal invasions of Europe? Should N. Africans today feel guilty that their ancestors enslaved Whites? Should Mexico return land that they took from the Indians? Should China, Japan, Turkey, India, Israel or anyone else return conquered land? What about the various Indian tribes that conquered land from other tribes?
    Oh I forgot ONLY White people should be riddled with perverse "White guilt"!
    We are told we are responsible for the supposed wrongs of other Whites (not related to us) from long ago. Yet we are told non-Whites are not even responsible for the wrongs they do today - that is also supposedly our fault. What about the 6 whites killed daily by blacks? The 100+ Whites raped daily by Blacks (less than 10 the reverse)? 3000+ Whites violently attacked by Blacks daily? This racial crime war has been going on for over 50 years since Whites stopped hanging them for such crimes. When we had our freedoms & segregation (rather than FORCED integration) they had less opportunities to attack us. The Gov. is responsible as well as the Jewish media & academia for fanning the flames of hatred & inciting violence against us via their anti-White propaganda. They focus on the unusual White on non-White crime & ignore the overwhelming majority of crime. Most violent crime is Black on White - not Black on black.

    Blacks are privileged to live here & be able to enjoy the fruits of a White (Caucasoid) created civilization. They are privileged to have preferential treatment from local, state & federal governments & corporations. That should STOP & we should stop putting up with their complaining & repulsive behavior. They are lucky that their ancestors were slaves brought here. If not they would not be here NOW leeching while complaining but would instead be in Sub-Sahara "Black" Africa living in mud/dung huts waiting for the next food shipment from the White man. Slavery was harsher in Africa. Here the work was easier, better housing, medical care & more food. It has worked out well for Blacks but has been a disaster for us. When slavery existed here (a tiny % of rich Whites, Jews & free blacks owned slaves) it was bad for most Whites-it depressed wages.
    "They" say we are the most racist (unfortunately we are the least) yet they want to come here from everywhere to take advantage of "White guilt"/stupidity.

    Up until 1965 this country was over 90% White. It was built by & for White people. This country did not exist before Whites created it. "Indians" existed in small tribes that warred with each other for territory. "Indians" are native to NE Asia (Mongoloids) - not here. Whites purchased & conquered this land & created an advanced civilization where one had not existed before. Countries are founded on conquest & if another race could have done it they would have. Most all immigrants to the USA prior to 1965 were White & they built this country - not cotton pickers or a few thousand Chinese compared to the 100's of thousands of Whites (mainly Irish) that built the railroads.
    Blacks had the same rights as Whites from 1865 till the 1960's - as in equal treatment/protection under the law from the Gov. Then in the 60's Whites (especially White men) lost many rights/freedoms so that Blacks & other non-Whites could have special privileges/treatment. Miniscule poll taxes? EVERYONE had to pay them. Some businesses won't hire them, serve them, sell THEIR property or rent to them? That is called FREEDOM. Freedom of association. Freedom to do whatever you want with YOUR property - to sell/rent or not sell/rent based on your own criteria/interests. If I'm forced to hire someone, rent to them, sell to them, SERVE them or allow them on MY property when I do NOT want them there then I am not free but instead I'm a slave/serf. EVERYONE used to have those freedoms prior to the 60's.
    So called "civil rights" laws are mainly enforced on Whites. Non-Whites are usually free to discriminate (choose) based on any criteria.
    Whites are no longer allowed our own living areas, schools, businesses, colleges, & organizations though non-Whites generally retain those freedoms. White schools were forced open to blacks by the military at the point of bayonets. White parents did not want their schools/neighborhoods destroyed by FORCED integration. Now EVERY one of those schools that was forced open is a dump surrounded by a hell hole slum. They used to be nice schools & neighborhoods. Segregation works well while integration=destruction.
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    Can we blame them for coming here?
    The ultimate blame should be assigned to the U.S. government, the controlled Zionist media & the Zionist ruler-ship that has bought & payed for the politicians.

    The root blame goes to "we the people" that have tolerated & continue to tolerate this invasion.

    Yes illegal aliens are "undocumented" & though many of them are not employed those that are can accurately be called "undocumented workers".

    However they are undocumented because they do not have LEGAL documents (often having forged documents or identity theft documents). They do not have the proper documents because they are here illegally as in ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    Many times more Americans HERE in America have been killed by illegal aliens since 9/11 than died on 9/11.

    Yet the U.S. government that is bought & payed for by Zionists s (same for media & finance) is fighting wars in the Middle East for Israel & protecting the borders of other nations while U.S. Borders are not protected.

    Homeland security is a sick joke without secure borders HERE AT HOME!

    Also remember that according to the absurd official Gov. & media conspiracy theory about 9/11- all of the supposed box cutter carrying hijackers were from Saudi Arabia & entered the country legally but illegally stayed here overstaying their visa's.

    Yet no serious efforts have been made to control our immigration or enforce our laws involving legal or illegal immigration or travel to the U.S.
    Would it not be easy for the real terrorists to enter via our unsecured southern border?
    Drug cartels & Mestizo gangs that traffic drugs are TERRORIZING the citizens of this nation. Many of them are here illegally.
    The reasons people come here are obvious, and NOT the issue. They can have easier lives here. They set foot here, and by law (all levels of Government), and business policies they receive preferential treatment over White American citizens. Despite certain laws to the contrary they are able to access numerous welfare programs, have free medical care, free schooling & on & on. Sure it makes sense for the invaders to want to come here, and take advantage of stupid Whites that are willing to give up their cultures, heritage, the land that their ancestors, worked, struggled, fought, and died to leave them without even putting up a fight. Most White fools actually welcome the invaders, and their own dispossession. They have been taught/programmed to welcome their destruction.

    The issue is the international ruler-ship (tripod of power=Big Finance/Media/Government) that is behind the legal. and illegal flood of non-White immigration into ALL White founded countries. They are behind the planned genocide of the White race that is now already a tiny minority of the worlds population. (1900 Whites 1/3 of worlds population = today under 10%) They benefit economically. They promote the anti-White propaganda via academia, and their media. They program people like the fool that did this video to welcome genocide. Since so many Whites are assisting it is actually racial suicide or at least assisted suicide. However by UN definitions it is GENOCIDE. (General Assembly Resolution 260 -- Article 2 )

    This is ONLY happening in White countries. Non-white countries do not allow much if any immigration from folks of other races/cultures. They regulate immigration so it serves the interests of their citizens. They protect their race/people, culture, jobs, and economy. Many non-White countries allow little to no immigration. If you can do some basic math you can look at the demographic situation, and see that before long this, and all White founded countries will be hell hole slums. If you think race does not matter then go live in a Black or Mestizo slum, and you will learn that it does. Every slum in this country used to be a nice area to live in when it was a White area. People make a slum a slum. I know of many areas that were nice upper middle class areas before rent assistance programs brought in Blacks, and the areas became hell hole slums. Eventually, the country will be like that coast to coast. It is easy to parrot the racial diversity crap from a White living area, but when there are no places to run, and hide from the dark "diversity" the idiots will learn the truth. Too late then. Enjoy being a tiny hated minority in what used to be your country. The same propaganda that the power structure pushes to fan the flames of hatred non-Whites have for us, and incite them to violence against us also creates perverse White guilt.

    There are tens of millions of Whites from around the world that want to come to the U.S. yet immigration policies favor non-Whites. 90% of the legal immigration is from non-Whites, and virtually all of the illegal invaders are non-White. In South Africa Whites are experiencing a brutal genocide ye
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    God did not create man. Man created god (gods). All of the gods are products of intelligent design. The designer is Man.
    Most people that profess to be Christians have not even read the bible anywhere near cover to cover. Most have read or had read to them in church just small portions.

    Surveys that test people on their knowledge of the Christian bible show that those that profess to be Christians do poorly ( few correct answers) while atheists score the highest.

    Christians believe "the" bible is gods word & they believe in everlasting pain, suffering & torture in "hell" for non-believers, yet these Christians are uninformed on what their bible says about hell & who will go there why.

    Most people that claim to be Christians are very confused & uninformed about the religion. They do not even understand some of the basic things required to be a Christian.

    When "born again" Christians try to "save" them the typical person that claims to be a Christian is irritated referring to the born again Christians a"bible thumpers" or "Jesus freaks".

    The typical supposed Christian does not know the bible requires Christians to read the word daily & spread the word in an effort to "save" others & that one must be "born again" of the "holy spirit" in order to enter heaven (pie in the sky- with the spook in the sky).

    Christians believe "the" bible is gods word & they believe in everlasting pain, suffering & torture in "hell" for non-believers. These Christians are uninformed on what their bible says about hell & who will go there & why.

    Most people that claim to be Christians are very confused & uninformed about the religion. They do not even understand some of the basic things required to be a Christian.

    When "born again" Christians try to "save" them the typical person that claims to be a Christian is irritated referring to the born again Christians as "bible thumpers" or "Jesus freaks".

    The typical supposed Christian does not know that the Bible requires Christians to read the word daily & spread the word in an effort to "save" others & that one must be "born again" of the "holy spirit" in order to enter heaven (pie in the sky- with the spook in the sky).

    God did not create man. Man created god (gods). All of the gods are products of intelligent design. The designer is Man. - Bill Rhyes

    God does have a creator, but it might not be who you think it is. Ironically, it was God who was intelligently designed - not us - DarkMatter

    Who is God's God? Is God an atheist who doesn't accept that a "higher power" only could have created him? - Jane Greenwood

    "Faith" means not wanting to know what is true. - Nietzsche

    Parasitism is the only practice of the church; with its ideal of anaemia, its "holiness", draining all blood, all love, all hope for life; the beyond as the will to negate every reality; the cross as the mark of recognition for the most subterranean conspiracy that ever existed-against health, beauty, whatever has turned out well, courage, spirit, graciousness of the soul, against life itself. - Nietzsche

    I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct for revenge for which no expedient is sufficiently poisonous, secret, subterranean, petty - I call it the one immortal blemish of mankind. - Nietzsche

    "If the Jews are God's chosen people then God has bad taste."
    ~William Miller

    Christianity was for us a Horse of Troy, a poisoned gift, for us. It was the weapon used by the Jews to softly introduce their world into our minds and hearts and to assert their cause (they're the "chosen" people); to undermine our confidence in ourselves and sow the doubt and bad conscience about our traditions; to dissolve our cultural identity, divide us, weaken us, deconstruct us. - Manu

    Christianity is the ideal religion for one's enemies to have & that was the idea. A Jewish created religion they promoted to their enemies (Romans). - Bill Rhyes

    Judaism is a sadistic religion while Christianity is masochistic to the point of being suicidal.

    Semitic religions (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) are for Semites. Whites (Aryans) that desire religion must rid themselves of the destructive anti-nature Jewish created religions & return to their natural Nature based original religions that are in tune with our spirit (essence). - Bill Rhyes

    Next time you're tempted to masturbate, remember that I'm watching you, and also masturbating. - GOD

    There are no "special places in hell". The whole place is pretty special. - GOD

    You all try to be "closer to God" but
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