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    C|NET Central was the flagship program hosted by Richard Hart and Gina St. John (later replaced by Daphne Brogdon). It aired from 1995 to 1999 on the Sci Fi Channel and USA Network in the United States. Individual segments were hosted by Desmond Crisis, Ryan Seacrest, and Hari Sreenivasan. Reviews of software and hardware were provided by John C. Dvorak in his "Buy It, Try It, Skip It" segments.
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    The Screen Savers episode interviewing the original founders and members of the Homebrew Computer Club.

    From Wikipedia:
    The Homebrew Computer Club was an informal group of electronic enthusiasts and technically-minded hobbyists who gathered to trade parts, circuits, and information pertaining to DIY construction of computing devices. It was started by Gordon French and Fred Moore after the dissolution of the People's Computer Company. They both were interested in maintaining a regular, open forum for people to get together to work on making computers more accessible to everyone. The first meeting was held in March 1975 in Gordon French's garage in Menlo Park, San Mateo County, California. Subsequent meetings were held at an auditorium at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

    Though the Homebrew members were hobbyists, most of them had an electronic engineering or programming background. They came to the meetings to talk about the Altair 8800 and other technical topics and to exchange schematics and programming tips.

    From the ranks of this club came the founders of many microcomputer companies, including Bob Marsh, George Morrow, Adam Osborne, Lee Felsenstein (wielder of "the big stick", a form of moderation), and Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. John Draper was also a member of the club.

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    Guests in order of introduction:
    Lee Felsenstein: Col-Inventor of Sol-20 & Club Moderator
    Harry Garland: Founder, Cromemco
    Bob Marsh: Col-Inventor of Sol-20
    Jef Raskin: Designer & Inventor of the Macintosh Computer
    Allen Baum: Firmware Designer of the Apple I & System Designer of the Apple II
    Steve Wozniak: Co-Founder of Apple, Creator of the Apple I & Apple II

    Originally Aired: 1/16/2004
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