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    Be nice, it is my first attempt. I'll see if I can get better. Show less
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  • Teamplay in computer graphics 1995 Play all

    Around 1995 I was active in computer art. I invented the use of old-fashioned graphics artists to improve the aesthetics of moving computer images, including 3d.I was also a text-writer and it seems I was mentioned in South Park (episode "good times with weapons") for my skill with language. Besides that I noticed a character named "Koosalagoopagoop" in Dexter's laboratory which seems to have been based off my demoscene activities.
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  • Helping Shirley Manson chill out 1996 Play all

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  • Deciphering the quran (the collection) - 2007/8 Play all

    Some videos that were on MTV before and after I finished some of the translation. The order is mostly chronological. I did make exceptions. I put some notes on my blogs before I actually had any finished work so it was obvious what I was up to.
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  • Laws of human behaviour 2009 Play all

    Started with some notes that I soon removed as I thought it would be too bold but I ended up making a page for it as it had some influence. Besides it is a bit of an obsession of mine which has been haunting me since I was 10.
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  • Islamic reform autumn 2014 Play all

    Hajj restored to the Holy city of Istanbul; al Room.
    Umrah (minor pilgrimage) to the Holy city of Karachi, Pakistan, biggest city in the world; Isaiah:40-end.
    Qibla to the Hagia Sophia, which in turn points towards Jerusalem, as a sign of respect to older forms of monotheïsm. This has nothing to do with it being in Istanbul but with service to monotheïsm in the past and the fact that it has gone out of practical use for religious purposes. Revelation of John, I think.
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  • December 2013 Play all

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