• A 9/11 Story 'Tuesday Morning in September'

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    Here is a link to the documentary, that this upload is about: https://www.youtube.com/wat......
    It is merely uploaded in its entirety; to give an idea about the complexity, of the over two hour wtc attack experience.. which is; the only natural experiential paradigm of the attacks.. You can have more of an over-all knowing; about that day.. from merely experiencing this account. Experience it on DVD; away from your computer. . in your living room, and or home theater.. watching it in its entirety... with at least as much respect that you give your favorite fantasy feature film.. and you will know why this is an A+ 9-11 Essential.. a veritable phenomenon.. a rare collectible..

    DVD PURCHASE information at: http://www.facebook.com/Tue......

    Copyright Protected. There is a FB Page for this video.
    This is a curiosity clip. Go to channel for more information about how you can own this on DVD with a runtime of 130 minutes. If you investigate into what the WTC Attack Chronicle: 'Tuesday Morning in September' is.. you will discover by experiencing the 130 minute realtime. .actual running account.. that it is not mere footage, but is a serendipitous composition that is a story from 9/11/2001; a piece that is a whole in its entirety in itself, that will give you the closest knowing what it was like to watch it all unfold before you as if you were there that day.. It is not like everything else from that day. There is no other video account from 9/11 that can give you what this one can. Albeit, there may only be a few folks who know what it is.. it is in a class by itself; set apart from everything that was taped that day. This is not an opinion piece.. 'Tuesday Morning in September', allows you to think for yourself.. as you watch it all unfold before you, in real chronological running time.. unlike any other footage from that day.. This is a sleeping giant of historical, sociological, psychological import.. Really.. Yes- Really.

    Copyrighted Material: This is an excerpt from an over two hour 9/11 NYC account, that has been released on dvd.
    Contact Jim Kosior:
    EMAIL: tuesdaymorninginsept1@yahoo.com
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Tue......

    'Tuesday Morning in September', is an over 130 minute experience of the 9/11 attacks. It is the most complete eyewitness video account, from a single source, vantage, and in REAL TIME experience of that day, that has ever surfaced. It was not released for nine years after that day.
    There is not another 9/11 audio visual account that can give you the feeling of being there that day like this one. It is available on dvd in its entirety.
    Go to tuesdaymorninginseptember.com or tuesdaymorninginseptember.net
    for ordering information. A percentage
    of proceeds go towards charity..

    'Tuesday Morning in September' ©
    if you would like to have a high quality DVD
    of the chronicle, the link is posted on this channel.
    If you would like to learn more about it, please
    read some of the information on the website:

    Proceeds from the sales of the DVD go to charity.

    'Tuesday Morning in September' is an experience.
    It is not like the media coverage from that day;
    it is not 9/11 being reported on.. It is 9-11.
    From Sun-up to Sun-down.. on 9/11/2001.
    It is the most complete running account of
    the 9-11 attacks, from a single source and
    vantage, that has ever surfaced.

    Special Thanks to Ms. Savannah King, and Mr. Michael Beard
    who produced this interview.

    This is an interview that The Gainesville Times did, for their 10th Anniversary Special on the weekend of 9/11/2011. They are a cutting edge publication.. Always worth checking out what they are doing:

    http://www.gainesvilletimes...... Show less
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