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Food Battle Videos! Play

These are the FOOD BATTLE videos! It's full of awesomeness and it's pure EPIC!

Anthony and Ian fight to the death to prove which food is better!

Make sure you watch all of them! Also, share this videos to your friends and tell them to share it to their friends! If you enjoyed the videos, give them a thumbs up and add it to your favorites!

If you didn't add it to your favorites, or you didn't share it to your friends, or you didn't liked it, Barney will stab you in your d!ck!

Smosh's Tutorial Videos Play

Hello, these are the videos that will show you some great tips!

Make sure you add them to your favorites and make sure you give it a thumbs up! If this videos doesn't HELP you at all, then you might need to figure it out by yourself.
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