• The Star's Tears 2 [Intro_3]

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    The Star's Tears 2 [Intro_3] (Available in HD)

    Still alive. Yup.

    What's up guys! It's been a (LONG) while, sorry for the long hiatus, which might continue for another 3 months or so.

    Here's some updates :

    - I'm graduating from college soon! Yay! Been preparing my portfolio to get a job somewhere.

    - Yes, yes, no more third person talking, feel kinda old for that, haha.

    - Okay, why the sudden declaration of returning NOW? Because, I've decided to continue with TST2 AFTER finishing my job portfolio, so why not some warm up before that?

    - Ah yes, I changed some stuffs, including my production logo (Because the old one has such immature design) and TST2's title design (Again, the old one sucks! You can barely read the words!). Well, sorry if you don't like them or anything but what's decided is decided so yeah.

    - Still nothing special with this intro, but it's going to replace the old intro for all the future TST2 episodes until I change it again, well depends. (It's kinda pointless to have such a long intro but nothing to credit.)

    - I tried to include every knowledge I've acquired from college into this one, but I guess it somehow still looks the same with my old ones, geez.

    - A friendly shout out to xNightstars and all TST fans that have been waiting for so long, THANK YOU for your patience! Just hand in there! The wait is almost over!

    - Okay, last one. I've been away for TOO LONG that I've lost track of the series I'd been following, and I'm really curious about what the 'new' generation of MapleSeries Animators are doing, so if anyone has suggestions for any good maple series (completed or not doesn't matter), do comment below, I would really like to check them out.

    That's basically all of them, do keep in mind that I'm not continuing the series NOW, but after finishing my portfolio, which might take 3 months or more. Sorry about that.

    Have A Nice Day Everyone. =) Show less
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      Still alive. Yup.

      What's up guys! It's been a (LONG) while, sorry for the long hiatus, which might continue for another 3 months or so.

      Here's some...
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