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    Most Extreme Cases of Police Brutality Excessive Force If You See Something film something 1st amendment rights first court NYPD filming free press record the cops Recording record public officials Crime Cop Criminal Law Laws wiretapping wire tapping liberty freedom libertarian Ron Rand Paul OMG FTP ACAB amazing footage real rare raw unreal unbelievable crazy shit Judge Napolitano John Stossel Famous Events in History "I'm Mad as Hell" Network 1976 movie film Great speech warning truth real amazing Howard Beale greatest OMG Lol President John F. Kennedy JFK Original Raw Footage Zapruder Film Secret Society Assassination Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby Shots fired Shootings 3rd shooter 2nd gunman Conspiracy Theory Magic Bullet Grassy Knoll Dallas Texas Motorcade 1963 CIA Mafia Mob Communist Marxist Socialist NWO New World Order Buddhist Monk self immolation lights himself on fire protest sacrifice vietnam war Saigon Thich Quang Duc religious oppression Diem regime Esquire Magazine Tom Junod Abdurrrahman Al awlaki Anwar Abdulrahman Drone Strike Kills teenager American Citizen 16 year old born Colorado US killed Father Cover Up Yemen Iran Captured Airstrike war on Terror teen teens terrorist Barack Obama Lies Truth relieved News Terrorism Osama Bin Laden Muslim Protest murder murdered Federal Government wars crime crimes against humanity Great Death Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Military Industrial Complex
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