Official YouTube account for the Soundgarden Fan Club
Official YouTube account for the Soundgarden Fan Club

Update 5/6/2010

Completely forgot about this channel! Still completely unbelievable that Soundgarden has reunited!! I used to run the @Soundgarden account on Twitter, but they've acquired it for the band! 

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The MySpace account is no longer being updated. The future of the Soundgarden Fan Club depends on your generosity! Fan contributions (via Paypal) help build towards an ultimate fan site. If you're interested in donating, the email to donate to is SoundgardenFanClub@live.com. Thanks for your continued support!

If you ever need to contact me, feel free to use the above email, or for a much faster response, follow and @ me on Twitter. My personal account is @Kyaizen

Rock Loud Grunge Fans, always remember, grunge's legacy will be around forever.
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