• Mortuus - Penetrations Of Darkness

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    Sweden's Mortuus are the work of band members J. Kvarnbrink (aka Tehôm) (bass/guitars/vocals) and M. Hinze (drums). The band was formed in Umeå, Sweden in 2003.
    Tehôm is currently active in Ofermod where he plays bass and has previously played with Dödfödd (Stillborn) and Shade of Black as a guitarist and as a vocalist in Shade of Black. M. Hinze is active in Ondskapt as a drummer and used to play in Shade of Black as a drummer, bassist and as a backup vocalist. Mortuus intended a two-song, self-titled 7" single from 2005 to be their first and final invocation for the Earth's demise. But that offering met with so much acclaim within the nether regions of the metal community (not to mention the Earth's frustrating survival) that Mortuus eventually abandoned their day-jobs on the Seventh Circle of Hell to record a full CD entitled " in 2007.

    Album: "De Contemplanda Morte"

    Rhepera is in her hiding, and the church bells are silent now...
    the inner starvation has bred an emotionless madness,
    breeding desires so dark... in these abodes of awful forms
    I am becoming - incarnated,
    the breath of complete pervertion!
    Soil is spread upon the ground, her sleep disturbed
    and their sorrow shall turn into horror in the morning
    but the moon rests in darkness now...
    for how could it shine in the light of the black sun?
    The lights are all exploding at their presence...
    for there are many here, many here...
    yet there is light: Tombstones radiate a glare unearthly
    a strange glow, growing stronger at each movement
    The metamorphosis of an angel turning into a beast
    is progressing in this unholy marriage of life and death
    I wear this lower crown, at the throne of shells
    for death is my bride...
    in these abodes of awful forms...... Show less
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