• Ayahuasca The Jungle Medicine (experiences) [Featuring Amber Lyon, Joe Rogan, Aurbrey Marcus]

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    Here is a video that I've been working a bit on in my spare time (sorry for not uploading something for a while)
    This will help people understand the Ayahuasca experience though I haven't tried the medicine yet myself - however I do look forward to going to Peru in about a year and having ceremonies.
    I made this video in order to understand it myself and help spreading the information about these incredible plants that grow in the Amazon jungle.
    So I hoped this would help people understand that this is not a recreational party drug - this is for people who searches for an immense change in their life and who hope that this can better humanity.
    Songs and more can be found in the credit roll.
    Feel free to upload this video to your own channel if you like - but please give a little credit :)
    Here is the quote Duncan Trussell reads at the very end of this video:

    Here's the deal. We have the science, the technology, the money, the infrastructure, to do almost anything that we want to do. The problem is changing our minds. We have a hell of a time changing our minds. And yet, we must. There is no choice about it. The reason I'm a psychedelic advocate is not because I think it's easy, or because I think it's a sure thing--I don't think it's easy or a sure thing. It's simply that it's the only game in town. Nothing else can change your mind on a dime like we are going to have to change our minds on a dime. If we had 500 years to sort this out, we could maybe have a fighting chance without radical pharmacological intervention. As it is, if we don't awaken, we are going to let it slip through our fingers.

    And if hortatory preaching could do it, then the Sermon on the Mount would have turned the trick. It didn't and it won't. You have to somehow give people an experience--an experience that is not somebody else's experience--their experience, that radically recrystallizes their understanding of the world. And these shamanic plants that have been quietly growing and maintaining themselves for millennia, are in fact--and for what reason? it's beyond me--for some reason, these are pipelines into a kind of planetary mind. The big bugaboo of Western civilization is that we deny the existence of spirit. It's been a thousand-year project to eliminate the spirit from all explanations of how reality works, or the personality works, or anything works. The absence of spirit permits the murder of the planet. But the cost of the denial of spirit is life empty of meaning, which doesn't mean we have to return to the world of beady-eyed priestcraft and its slimy minions. But it does mean that we have to recover an authentic experience of the transcendental. And apparently what this means, then, is fusion with Nature, and the psychedelics do this. They dissolve boundaries. They open the way to the Gaian mind.
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