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    A channel trailer. Music created in GarageBand app. Weniger anzeigen
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    Here´s the power of the force
    • Slave 1 (1982) (custom) - Dauer: 55 Sekunden

      • vor 7 Jahren
      • 923 Aufrufe
      My 1982 Slave1. Some parts changed, some additional wiring, new colors, bigger blasters....Will be part of "Boba´s way", my upcoming movie:
      The untold story of how Boba Fett became abounty hunter.
    • clone wars Trailer 2 - Dauer: 49 Sekunden

      • vor 7 Jahren
      • 450 Aufrufe
      At my 2nd channel (simonAtMac2) , there will be clone wars stop motions. This is the 2nd trailer for my current project, which will take some more time. Star wars stop motions are not easy to do bu...
    • Support animal rescue - Dauer: 54 Sekunden

      • vor 7 Jahren
      • 360 Aufrufe
      Today I´ve found a squirrel which was injured. I called local animal rescue, took it home and waited for the vet. On this day, he had already 2 more squirrels in vet hospital. The young Squirrel wi...
    • the Artoo case (part 1) - Dauer: 2 Minuten, 25 Sekunden

      • vor 7 Jahren
      • 610 Aufrufe
      This is the prequel to a new series:
      Clone wars - untold stories
      R2D2 has landed on a planet inhabited only by plants. The Droid wants to find unknown herbs to produce antidote. The first episode...
    • Star Wars/ R2D2 test - Dauer: 21 Sekunden

      • vor 7 Jahren
      • 180 Aufrufe
      A small test for R2D2. Something like this I wanted to do for a long time. R2D2 is on a stroll, while some ARF Trooper gone mad is on a hunt for bots. Tis will become another project. Please tell m...
    • quiet,please! - Dauer: 62 Sekunden

      • vor 6 Jahren
      • 122 Aufrufe
      Just for fun. Finally moved and restore the apartment. In 2012 there will be more. The show must go on!
      Music by "Still Patient". Available at Amazon. THX Andy!
    • trailer Dynobots - Dauer: 28 Sekunden

      • vor 4 Jahren
      • 1.929 Aufrufe
      Yeah! The Dynobots will appear in episode 6!
      I do as fast as I can, but it will take some more time...
      Song is called „Thunderworld Hostage" written and performed by „Still Patient?" available at ...
    • STAR WARS BEYOND THE DUNE SEA - Dauer: 9 Minuten, 6 Sekunden

      • vor 3 Jahren
      • 1.239.202 Aufrufe
      This 9 minute Star Wars fan film is all about the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett, from the team that brought you Star Wars Smuggler's Run Special Edition.

      This a non-canon story telling of his escape fro...
    • All TIE Fighter Types and Variants in Star Wars Legends - Dauer: 10 Minuten

      • vor 2 Jahren
      • 1.850.116 Aufrufe
      Learn about every type of TIE starfighter used by the Galactic Empire in the Legends Star Wars universe!

      The TIE Fighter playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1E873sPZ0PPj8X9VH......
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