What types of benefits does the Shariah / Khilafah state offer?
What types of benefits does the Shariah / Khilafah state offer?

We will cover (briefly) short term benefits that will take affect quickly after the implementation of the Khilafah.

1. The rights to food, clothing and shelter for all citizens (Muslims and Non-Muslims)

By default citizens are entitled to free housing, food, gas and clothing without any ambiguity. Some scholars go further and say electricity are also deemed as necessities in today's technological age. If these opinion's are adopted by the Khilafah's (Caliphs) decision council, these too will be provided free Inshallah.

2. Fiscal fees will be abolished - such as Car, Road and House Taxes and School, etc fees
The Islamic state will abolish all fiscal fees and rates, water and sewage rates, school fees, import and export licences and fees, council rates, ground rent, road tax and fiscal stamps. According to shari'ah, these services are the duty of the state; the state in Islam is a guardian and not a collection of fees and rates. One of its main functions is to secure the essential needs of all its subjects and to enable each individual to acquire his luxuries according to his ability.

3. Prostitution, Drugs, Paedophilia and all societal ills will be terminated.
Islam prohibits diseases pushed under the declaration of 'freedom' or man made doctrines. Deceases  such as pornography, paedophilia, bestiality, gambling, drugs and alcohol which seek to exploit and enslave people to their desires resulting in rising crime rates and the anarchy which is prevalent today in western society. The way of life in Islam ensures the fulfilment of everyone's right to basic food which will prevent people from resorting to illicit acts. Unlike capitalism, Islam prohibits gambling and interest which exploit the poor to the advantage of the rich.

4. Natural Resources cannot be privatised and sold at extortionate prices.
Tunisia is a mineral rich country with a high income mostly from Iron, Lead and Zinc exports. Resources such as Oil and Gas cannot be sold to foreign private company's, which in return sell resources belonging to the people at very high and unsustainable costs.

5. Education is a RIGHT for ALL.
The State would ensure the provision of free education to every male and female at both primary and secondary levels, the state would also endeavour to provide free education to everyone at university level. This is so because providing every single citizen of the state with the education he or she needs in all walks of life is an essential necessity, therefore it is the Stateis duty to provide it (especially now that the primary and secondary education have become basic necessities rather than luxuries). It is therefore an obligation upon the state to ensure that every individual is educated to such levels. As for the higher studies, some of these are also a necessity, such as medicine and study of the mining industry for instance, and the state should provide such education; whereas what is considered to be non essential studies such as literature, the state should provide such studies if funds were available.

Full Article: http://www.salafimedia.com/izharuddeen/hisbah/item/1314-tunisia-a-cry-for-shariah-khilafah.html
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