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  • The Bad-Boy (A Justlena Love Story) Episode 1

    9,358 views 3 years ago
    Justin's P.O.V.
    Why the hell do I have to go to school? I don't learn anything new. I definitely do not talk or make friends with anyone so what's my purpose for going to school? I really don't know why the hell Jeremy (my dad) wants me to go to a shitting public school. I wish I would die any day now. Everybody in school thinks of me as the badboy in school, but no one really knows what I go through on a daily basis. And I kinda guesss that's how I want it to stay. Nobody needs to what goes on in my home, but I just wish it would stop.
    End P.O.V.

    Selena's P.O.V.
    Hooray! Today's Monday, gotta go get ready for school. You see I am the kind of person who loves Mondays because it's the start of a fresh new week, for learning. I got all my crazy friends to talk to and plus I have good grades, so I get along with all the teachers in the school. I mean there are bullies in the school, but none of them bothers me or my friends, because you see I am very good with the teachers, so if anything bad happens it won't be a problem to report it to them. I just love school very much. Without it I'd be nowhere.
    End P.O.V.

    Cher: Selena!! *runs up to her like a crazy maniac*
    Selena: *laughs at her* Wasssup Cher!
    Cher: Don't laugh at me. *laughing at her own self while talking*
    Selena: Yea, maybe you should tell that to yourself first. *smirks at her*
    Cher: Yea, yea, yea I know.
    Selena: Alright, where's Dems?
    Cher: I don't know. I haven't seen her for the morning.
    Selena: Well that's weird. She's normally here before any of us.
    Cher: Or maybe she's probably getting freaky with Joe. *smirks at the idea*
    Selena: Haha maybe. *starts laughing with Cher*
    *Demi walks up to them. She had just arrived*
    Demi: Hey divas, what you guys laughing at?
    Selena: *stops laughing one time* Hey Demi!
    Cher: *stops laughing also* Yea wassup Dems! Why you so late?
    Demi: Oh yea I had some business to finish.
    *Cher and Selena stares at her for about a minute, then bursts out laughing*
    Demi: Um okay. What's the joke guys?
    Selena: What business were u doing?
    Cher: Yea what were you doing?
    Demi: Well Joe and I were - *gets cut off*
    Cher: Say no more my friend, say no more.
    Selena: *goes back to laughing again*
    Demi: No guys it's not what you think.
    Cher: You don't need to explain nothing to us, Demi.
    Selena: Yea there's no need.
    Demi: Ugghhh! Guys I was late because Joe woke up late and he came for me late, that's all. Not what you little freaks are thinking.
    Cher: Oh ok, we were just joking. We know you wouldn't go having that kind of fun.
    Selena: Yea Dems, we're just joking.
    Demi: No chizz guys, it's okay.
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