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    I've been to Lisbon 4 times now.
    This video is gathering all the clips and moment I love the most.
    The atmosphere was different every time but always interesting.

    The character of this city, the numerous crazy spots, the ocean, the sun, the people from there and all the people gathering there..
    On top of that the smile and the energy of Luis !
    All of this create some wonderful Vibes :)

    In january 2017, we randomly went there with a few people. During that spontaneous "Fight club event" I talked with Luis several time and recorded this conversation we had.
    He loves this city so much, he loves to gather people there and is really good at it ! I was happy to capture those words as much as all the rest we did there =)

    Luis : God is a playful guy, he loves to play with people.
    Because for putting me in the world, he got all the roads,
    But he thought that it would be funny to put me like a sketchy road, a dodgy road
    In the belly, in the center of misery,
    I was born Bresilan, I'm from Rio de Janeiro.

    Sam : How do you feel about this week, that people just came here and it happen to be some secret fight club event ?

    Luis : I don't know man..
    I think its cool because its the perfect conditions you know
    Good weather, good spots, cheap country, cheap moment to travel
    And everyone is bored at home, with the snoooww
    Really cold, training in gyms and then they can just come here
    And train on this crazy spots, crazy spots everywhere
    And its all fucking good man !

    I'm really really happy that people came
    And I'm sad that its almost over, like tomorrow is the last day
    I hope that every year we do this like five times !

    Sam : Yeah that would be cool !

    Luis : Just coming to Lisbon randomly, jumping, blue sky, good spots, so nice..

    And you, how do you feel ?

    Sam : I feel its gonna be really difficult to train again in the winter when I come back to Paris, I'm getting used to this now..
    Its just a week, I felt like everyday was so long

    Luis : And there was so much diversity on spots and things we did,
    We went to Miraflores twice but both days where really different
    And one day we went to Sintra

    Sam : After 3 times coming here I never been and it was so nice, to finally go there

    Luis : Just climbing, nature and fun.

    All day training, all day training, and train everyday
    And now here, but no one is coming training, are you gonna train today ?

    Sam : Its just French team today, French team in Lisbon

    Luis : Team France never gave up.. never gave up on Parkour this week,
    Every day is jump day.
    There is more spots we'll go there

    Okay this is in my head all the time
    For this reason I will share
    This is Bresilian Portuguese,
    Its Typical Bresilian song :

    Deus é um cara gozador
    Adora brincadeira
    Pois pra me jogar no mundo
    Tinha o mundo inteiro
    Mas achou muito engraçado me botar cabreiro
    Na barriga da miséria
    Nasci brasileiro
    Eu sou.. do Lisboa

    Lisboa, Lisboa Ahah It doesn't rhyme but its okay !

    Sam : Ahah Okay, Thanks ! Moins
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