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  • I have missed you

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    I have missed this smile, in the morning, when I open the curtains and discover the sunrays going through my room.
    I have missed these warm and long days filled with powerful light.
    I have missed this incredible energy coming from the sun.

    I have missed using my body at its full potential.
    I have missed moving with no injury, no pain at all and no concern.
    I have missed this confidence, this awareness, this composure.

    I have missed letting myself go without thinking.
    I have missed chasing this efficiency and this awesome fulfillment feeling.
    I have missed this freedom, this simplicity, this power and this happiness within my movement.

    This video is gathering special challenges, achievements that generate intense emotions =)
    A lot of power, speed and smiles but also doubts and mistakes that I managed to overcome.
    I have never been pushing myself this much and during such a long time when I am at home, I don't really know why...
    Usually this particular energy only arise when I'm traveling or in some kind of special, ephemeral moment.
    Now that I managed to find it in my everyday life, I will keep on chasing it, making all these moves, these moments, these days more rewarding and unique.

    Most of these runs were done during these last weeks. The last one is from May 2016. 2years ago, but it seems much closer in my memories.
    It was hard technically, required many attempts and a lot of energy. I felt so proud to finally get it and truly love the footage but never used it yet.
    It felt like the right time to give it the place it deserves =).

    Now I'm not missing any of this anymore.
    I'm feeling thankful, everything is perfectly fine =D !


    _Express Yourself_
    _Samuel Govindin_ Moins
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