• Expect a new video on Monday!

  • Expect a new video today!

  • Okay, seriously youtube? I tried uploading a new video, and re-tried uploading that one I recorded last week. Both failed.


  • I need to stop being sick all the time.

  • Tonight, if my housemates go to sleep at a reasonable hour, I'm gonna do a video about the Microsoft build conference that I watched, and Windows 8! They just need to GO TO SLEEP before I get tired. HINT HINT.

  • Panel from PAX coming up in the morning! I'm currently so exhausted that I need to go straight to sleep so I can't upload it now.

  • I recorded two videos last week that ended up corrupt. Crap, sorry guys!

  • Guess who got sick yesterday. Yep, me. I was in bed until 5pm and then I was on the couch wrapped in blankets watching tangled.

  • Yesterday's video had an upload failure! Crap. I'll try to fix that tonight.

  • I think today I will finally record a video. I need to make a new schedule. Perhaps Tuesdays and Thursdays? Time has just been hectic lately.

  • I need a new schedule. Maybe tuesdays and thursdays?

  • Because of the TF2 update, I'm very busy debugging the four TF2 servers that I run. Please forgive my lack of video but managing these servers takes top priority as it's my job.

  • I am no longer distracted by OoT 3DS! Though I still need to finish Master Quest. I'll try to get a video out today.

  • Gonna wait until monday to do a video. I wanna spend the week-end working on stuff and today there has been much site management on my end to do for work. Eek.

  • Sorry about the lack of video today, I was playing Alice when I wasn't sleeping! I finally just beat it (2:35 am PST, June 16). I did my first play through on hard mode. Next one is gonna be on nightmare. I'll make a video about it tomorrow! For now? Sleep...........

  • Mic is broken! Wondering if I should just use the crappy webcam mic or wait until I can fix my own ;/

  • https://twitter.com/#!/vSUPERfreckles check out my twitter feed for e3 coverage!

  • I went to make a video but I kept coughing since I got sick again. Ugh. sorry guys!

  • Give me a few days guys. Gonna do a review of Red Dead Redemption once I get further into the plot. I have to sort through all the New York Footage as well to see if any of it is salvageable (a lot of the videos were cut short). Stay tuned! I'm so sorry.

  • Videos will be continued on Wednesday. Sorry guys! It's been really hectic here.

  • Family drama ended up happening in NYC. gonna see if I can salvage any videos.

  • Getting ready to head into New York City! :D

  • Went to record a video this morning but found a whole bunch of ants crawling across the desk. I hate ants. Sorry no video! I may be going into NYC today so I'll bring my camera and film some adventures to upload when I get home :)

  • Sorry guys! Between the bug infestation and my horrible internet connection here trying to record a video has been impossible. :(

  • PLEASE bear with me. Last few days have been hectic. Very hectic.

  • Sick again, sorry guys! I've been sleeping fall day x_x

  • No video today. I had a really long day and my brain is too fried to think of something right now, sorry guys!

  • Might not be a video tonight, I've been feeling a bit ill all day. Maybe I'll pull something together before midnight, dunno. Sorry guys!

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