• Lucifer Is No Fallen Angel

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    Is Satan real? Where does that idea come from? When you boil down any one of the stories in religion about Satan, you will find they all come from the story that Lucifer is a fallen angel. But maybe Lucifer is not the famous fallen angel of ill repute when we look carefully at that story. You can find the whole story here.
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    Well you deserve to know the facts. Is Lucifer an Angel? Did God kick his favourite creation out of Heaven only to let him try to take over the world? Do you believe in Satan? If you do then you are you believing in more than one God.

    Don't you deserve clear and logical reasons, evidence, and answers to the twisted religious doctrine of Satan?

    There are a ton of quandaries surrounding the Lucifer tale. And I deal with the entire topic of Lucifer's fall from heaven in Chapter 8 of "Satan Christianity's Other God". Email me and I will send you that chapter right away. Or click on this link to start reading right away - http://imaginenosatan.com/V.......

    Don't wait to check out the amazing book "Imagine There's No Satan". You'll get a ton of answers about Satan and learn how he got into Christian thinking and the New Testament

    See the video "Who Is The Anointed Cherub"- http://www.youtube.com/watc......
    Find out about the Satan in Job here -
    http://imaginenosatan.com/V...... Show less
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      Well what if He didn't.
      Who Is The Satan In Job?

      Many will ...
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