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    Look Within Introduction to my Youtube channel. Thanks for stopping by, my goal is to provide you with health tips, truths and strategies so you can live a life full of vitality!

    Epigenetics is a relatively new science and is all about anti-aging and slowing the aging process while helping prevent disease. This science shows us that the DNA we were born with is in fact, not our destiny! Now, to be clear, we can't change our DNA. However, we can influence our "epigenome" which is the layer above our DNA or our epigenetic layer.

    By simply making better choices in 4 key areas or "Pillars" as I call them, you can have a huge impact on your longevity and reducing your years of disability later in life! Those 4 Pillars are, "Nutrition", "Exercise", "Environment" and "Spiritual:. I also added a fifth Pillar, it may not be scientific but I believe it can influence us at a gene level and that's "Wealth"!

    It's true that money can't buy us happiness, however, having wealth and not having to worry about money and paying bills causes a lower level of stress and anxiety and science has shown that lower levels of stress equals better health.

    Check out all the video's on my channel as I dial in on these 5 Pillars and provide tips, resources and strategies for improving your overall welling and vitality. The link to my website is at the top of this section, feel free to visit as I have a lot more information on my site.

    Cheers to your health!

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    What is epigenetics, well, it is a new field of genetic science that has to do with anti aging. It teaches that we can turn good genes off and and keep bad genes off thus allowing to live far longer and healthier lives.

    We do this by making wiser decisions in our lives in the following areas, Nutriton, Exercise, our Environment and in a Spiritual sense. Epigenetics and nutrition are tied together, "garbage in garbage out" applies. If you eat processed foods, GMO foods, you are asking for trouble. If you eat a whole food mostly plant based diet, you have just put yourself ahead of 95% of the population and increased your chances of living disease free.

    Epigenetics is changing for the positive the future of mankind's health with the amazing discoveries being found almost daily now.
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