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  • Serendipity in Sri Lanka Episode 5 - Mount Lavinia. Friends of Della and Don charity work

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    In this episode Rose Robin the Painting Pirate finds herself teaching in a small fishing community in Mount Lavinia. The fishing village had been devastated in the tsunami and the ruins of the village still line the shore. Rose learns about a British Charity called 'Friends of Della and Don.' A heart warming story of two English survivors of the tsunami who have been returning to the village for the past 9 years to do charity work for the community who saved their lives. Moins
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  • Performance painting and Murals Tout regarder

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  • Charlotte Gaspards Videos Tout regarder

    Charlotte and I have been friends for a long time now, she has a great passion for making films, and a fantastique imagination. She has written many plays, shorts stories and films.
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  • La sainte fieute Tout regarder

    I was the painter for the music festival La sainte fieute 22/23 August 2008 and i made these
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  • Vidéos en ligne Tout regarder

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