• RIVER OF TIME - Creaking Stairs

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    Song from album "Revival" (2017).
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    Arranged by River of Time.
    Recorded at GOrecords Studio in Wodzisław Śl., Poland.
    Mixed by Grzegorz Czech, mastered by Jarosław Toifl.
    Produced by River of Time (2017).
    Music & lyrics: Marcin Velesar Wieczorek.
    Released by Art of the Night Productions.
    Recordings were made by Marcin Velesar Wieczorek (vocal), Krzysztof Całka (rhythm guitar), Adam Całka (lead guitar), Paulina Nemesis Bugiel (bass) and Łukasz Obiegły (drums).


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    Mother, look, it's him!
    Mother, it's my fear!
    I hear shouts again -
    They terrify me.

    He staggers again,
    Breathes heavily.
    Mother, I'm so scared!
    Father goes to me!

    Stairs creak when hangman returns home
    Oh, I have heard it for so long...
    But the moment will come - i'll have my revenge!
    For mother's tears I'll give him death!

    Mother, please, don't cry!
    I know, he brought you pain...
    Now let him sleep -
    This bad crazy man!

    Mom, I'll hold you tight!
    I will not allow
    To harm you!
    You're tears falling down...


    The idea of the project originates in 2003, when Marcin Velesar Wieczorek, the leader, vocalist and guitar player of a Polish metal band Goddess of Sin, wrote a couple of songs that were to make his first solo album. Unluckily, the project wasn't carried out due to the vivid activity of the band and consequent perturbations connected with the band's brake-up in 2007.

    The idea reappeared a few years later, when Velesar joined a folk-metal group called Radogost. He still treated his idea as a solo-project, based on strong metal riffs with a mixture of progressive sounds and piano. But at the beginning of 2014, when Radogost decided to change the vocalist once again, Velesar started creating a new band. He invited experienced musicians, including some members of his previous bands, to co-operate and so he created a strong and professional team. This is how the River of Time was born (members: Marcin Velesar Wieczorek - vocal, Krzysztof Całka - rhuthm guitar, Adam Całka - lead guitar, Paulina Nemesis Bugiel - bass and Łukasz Obiegły - drums). In this configuration, the band entered the studio and recorded their debut album "Revival", released in 2017 by Art of the Night Productions.

    In the beginning of 2017, Krzysztof Całka and Adam Całka decided to leave the River of Time and devote their second band Ironbound. They were replaced by two experienced musicians - Marcin Froncek Frąckowiak (Square Moon, Percival Schuttenbach) and Dawid Holona (Keep On Rockin').

    Marcin Velesar Wieczorek - vocal
    Dawid Holona - lead guitar
    Marcin Froncek Frąckowiak - rhythm guitar
    Paulina Nemesis Bugiel - bass
    Łukasz Obiegły - drums

    Krzysztof Całka - rhythm guitar
    Adam Całka - lead guitar Show less
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