• Rez ft SGC - If You Come Around [Music Video]

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    Rez ft SGC - If You Come Around
    Here it is the Official video of 'If You come Around' ft SGC. hope you enjoy #ItsTheKingpin Rez

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    Lyrics -
    I might struggle in intelligence
    but i dont lack in common sense
    I can read when a nigga got hate for me
    and send me indirects
    im not the type to digest and leave it at rest
    I'm immune to negative output
    I outlook these small minded niggas
    whether i do it worded or physical
    i put them in their position
    they best no there place
    coz i aint got no time, im not into childish games nigga
    your a four figure nigga wen it comes to cash
    you guys chat nonsense out your anal
    your not able to get a red scent to your name
    dont come to me with that bogus talk
    its a VIOLATION!!!
    your not worthy around my presence
    certain guys got cut out my circle
    like foreskin for that wreckless talk
    too much talking
    could put you in a predicament
    im ever so serious
    when i say this...

    Hook -

    You must be crazy son
    nigga ill crack your cranium
    you must be crazy son
    nigga ill crack your cranium

    If you come around with that wotless walk
    If you come around with that tough like talk

    You must be crazy son
    nigga ill crack your CRANIUMM!!

    Listen Look...
    I feel the anger forming
    on ever person thats never been close to me
    Is this really how its meant to be
    they wanna burn me in the case before i self destruct
    they say that actions speak louder than words
    so when i put you in the back of a hearse
    will it speak more than a thousands words
    or did you want me to write you a story
    an leave a voice in my mind
    asking you hold my hand
    while my buffalo knife is in hand
    the arrival of evil ill leave your body embedded with needles
    I got that sickness of an illmind
    I never said this game was gonna be kind
    once you check back and cross that line
    your paradise is lost when you started to be brave
    and now it aint just another day
    coz im about to catch you when you round the way
    and i was BORN TO BATTLE!
    so think twice before you come around
    and i aint tryna say it clever
    but the revenge is sweeter then ever


    I get deeper than blue sea
    in situations nigga
    i make situations calm
    going on like a baby
    heres your milk and cod liver *hiccup*
    whats up with those hissy fits
    you been drinking Guinness
    its given you some brave courage
    coz i aint used to dudes
    taking the P. I Double S
    its a different atmosphere
    when your around the boy Rez star
    its all good when your distance is far
    but your far from real
    I dont par with fake guys
    they end up in caskets
    never send out no condolences
    coz your fam know the type
    of person you are they was asking for it

    so no time for tears
    you just fear coz im fierce when im agitated
    thats jus a prime example of wat i do to guys
    when im pushed to the edge
    nigga wana act real wreckless
    well Rez says this

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