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greg butler

  • Being vegan is good for longevity and anti aging. Lower calorie/macro nutrient diets cause the body to age slower since less free radicals are being produced via metabolic pathways. Being a vegan may not be great for endocrine glands though or the muscle/skeletal system. Meats contain Creatine and Cholesterol. Cholesterol is the building block of androgenic steroid hormones in the body. Many anthropologists also mention that certain fatty acids in meats helped our brains become more complex.

    Optimizing Your Vegan Diet for Better Health

    A presentation by William Harris, M.D.

    Founding VSH board member and resident skeptic William Harris, M.D. mentions a few free downloads he has put online including the latest USDA Nutrient Databa...
  • Excessive calories, unbalanced hormones, and/or a genetic conditions can contribute to fat gain as well. For most people in this country though excessive calories are the reason why so many people are overweight or obese. Carbs do not necessarily make you fat and fats do not necessarily make you fat. Carbs are also found in fruits and vegetables in the form of sugars and fibers.

    Obesity in America

    Shocking new facts about the obesity crisis in the United States.
  • Most of the time Democrats and Republicans fight each other and blame each other for things(to make their party look better) instead of working together to make this country better. Democrats and Republicans have both done things that are bad for this country and neither of these political parties are the answer when it comes to making this country better for its citizens.

    Barack Obama implores Republicans to end government shutdown

    Barack Obama implores Republicans to end government shutdown

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    During his weekly video address, Barack Obama criticises the Republicans' role...
  • Weight can be made of either lean or fat tissue. Weight loss or gain should not matter for most people but rather body composition. Most people would be better off measuring their waist line and body fat percentage.

  • I do not know if Bolt is using steroids or not. Many people have passed drug tests while taking steroids and other PED's. A lot of trainers/chemists know how to make their clients test negative on professional drug tests. For every sprinter that is caught taking steroids there are many more who have not been caught. In sprinting and a lot of track events there is something called a peak. Most runners do not want to hit their peak too soon or they will not perform well when it counts the most.

    Justin Gatlin Beats Usain Bolt 100m - 9.94 - Golden Gala Rome Diamond League 2013


    facebook group

    Six-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt was defeated by American Justin Gatlin in the 100m at the Rome Dia...
  • The average human does not need a lot of food to survive. In fact there is scientific evidence that says lower calorie diets may lead to longer lives since they do not cause the metabolism to produce as many free radicals. Bodybuilders want to get massive so they eat a lot. Jay Cutler consumes 862 grams of carbohydrates, 575 grams of protein, and over 7,000 calories each day. He does all of this to support his training,for building new muscle, and to prevent his body mass from decreasing.


  • Dwayne Johnson consumes a lot of calories,carbohydrates, and protein each day. He consumes 489g of carbohydrates, 433grams of protein and , 4,532 calories each day. On top of this diet only gives him 18 grams of sugar and 91 grams of fat each day. Dwayne Johnson makes a lot of money though so he can afford to eat a bunch of food of high quality food. Since his job requires him to workout and act he probably has a lot of time to eat,workout, and rest as well. He follows the Hercules Diet.

    Dwayne Johnson Workout HD

    This is the directors cut of the Dwayne Johnson workout, which was filmed to help promote his cover for Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

    Includes music by Godsmack- I Stand Alone.

    You can view more of...
  • The best diet for humans is based on vegetables,lean meats,low fat or fat free dairy, and 100% minimally processed whole grains (brown rice,oatmeal,barley). Fruits and nuts are also very good for you and can be used in the place of energy drinks,deserts, and snacks. Complete protein is found in almost every food whey(which is found in milk),and egg protein are the most bio available, Fruits and vegetables contain water,enzymes,antioxidants, and nutrients that can help the body.

    80/10/10 vs McDougall Video

    Todays video is in answer to a question about Dr McDougall's views on fruit.
  • She benches more weight than most guys can.

    Dana Linn Bailey benches 225 lb

    sorry for the video quality
  • Steve Reeves was a great exercising success. He needs to be a role model for people who exercise. Bodybuilding used to be about creating a very fit, and healthy body. Now its mainly about getting bigger. He was lean as well as muscular, and he ate more real foods, and did not rely too much on artificial protein. Creatine is found is Meats, Fish, and Dairy, so if you consume adequate amounts those foods you are still obtaining creatine. Vitamin A, and even Cholesterol may help strength as well.

    What is a Classic Physique?

    In future videos, we will see other classic physiques from the Golden Age of Drug-Free Bodybuilding (1940-1959).

    music by West One Music - Illumination
  • Redskins and hope with RG3- by GB.

    • 1 year ago
    The Redskins are the football team that represents the nations capital.
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