• Imidiwan ft. Chullage & Zal Sissokho - "KORA"

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    Produced by Imidiwan featuring Chullage & Zal Sissokho
    Backing Vocals by Catarina dos Santos
    Video Direction and Concept - Beat Laden
    Visual effects and animation - Nicografismo
    Camera - Chullage, Beat Laden, Manuel Lino, Emanuel do Carmo, Daniel Ferreira, Indira Andrade, Catarina dos Santos.
    Live performance recorded at Club B-Leza, Lisbon


    Des strangula Tera Mama
    Nu ka era imigrantis
    Nu era viajantis
    Distintus, Komersiantis
    Rikus, navegantis
    Dja nu baba Amerka, Asia
    Pininsula Ibérica antis/
    Dja nu andaba xeiu di oro na kamelo ku elefantis/
    Yorubas, Songays, Aksias, Ghanas
    Dja nu tinha Arkitetu arti, sientistas brilhantis/
    ki ti oxi Eropa na sis faxada, museus e estantis/

    Gosi es ta txomanu imigrantis
    Divulganu como erantis
    Ki ta naufraga na costa
    Na situason desesperanti
    Es ta fla ma nu fugi di guera, fomi, e maus governantis
    Ma ka ta fla kes kit a banca, guera, fomi, maus governantis
    Garantis kes ta manti ta tranu ouro, petróleo, cultura e diamantis
    Nobu partilha di Afrika
    Sa ta dekori sima antis
    Enkuantu milion di afrikanu sa ta mori sima antis
    Buska um bida, sai ta kori
    Tras di kel ki nu tinha antis

    Oxi es ta odjanu komo prigo
    Di veu e turbantes
    Oxi es ta txomanu dilinkuentis,
    E trafikantis
    Ou enton es krenu atletas, Kantores
    Ou ta argui sis kasa e ta kusia
    Na sis restaurantis
    Sis edukason ta mostranu pikenu
    Na meio di sis gigantis
    Ku autoridades ta ponu dianti
    Exploradu, oprimdo
    Na kondison digradanti, humilhanti
    Ma Luz di nha storia ta prometen
    Dias mas sintilantis

    Griot ku nha kora
    Kori mundu ta konta storia d’otu hora
    Griot ku nha kora
    Kori mundu ta konta storia d'agora

    Djan baba djan binha
    Djan binha djan baba – dixan flau
    Djan enxinaba prendeba
    Prendeba enxinaba - tudo kau
    Djan lebaba trazeba
    Trazeba lebaba – dixan flau
    Djan daba recebeba
    Receba djan daba

    A mim n tora mundu
    Ti kim poi mundu ta tora
    A mim sim ka tora mundu
    Inton Mundu dja ka ta tora
    A mim n labora mundu
    Ti kim poi mundu ta labora
    A mim si ka labora mundu
    Mundu ka ta labora

    Ma si me n ta atxa barera
    Ta parado na fronteira
    Sta mal parado na kartera
    N ka ten txon ka tem bandera

    Mundo ka di bo
    Mundu ka di Meu
    Si mundu e di bo
    Inton Mundu e di meu
    Ma so ki mundu ka di bo
    E mundu e ka di Meu
    Mundu e di oludumare
    Ki fulhanu la di seu



    They choke the Mother Earth
    We were not immigrants
    We were travelers
    Distinct merchants
    Wealthy sailors
    We had already gone to America, Asia
    Iberian Peninsula, before
    We had already been walking in our camels and elephants, full of gold
    Yorubas, Songays, Aksias, Ghanas, Ashantis
    We already had architects, art, brilliant scientists
    That today Europe keep them closed in museums and shelves

    Now they call us Immigrants
    Describe us as wanderers
    That shipwrecks on the coast
    In desperate situations
    They say we flee from wars, famines and bad rulers
    But they do not say that they are the ones who generate wars, famine and bad rulers
    You make sure
    That they continue to rob us of oil, culture and diamonds
    A new Africa Sharing happens as before
    While millions of Africans still die as before
    Or seek a new life in the world outside
    Behind what we had before

    And today they see us as the danger of veils and turbans
    Today they call us delinquents and traffickers
    Or they just want us to be athletes, singers and comedians
    Or that we build their houses and cook in their restaurants
    Their education make us small
    In the midst of their giants
    With the authorities chasing us
    Explored oppressed
    In degrading, humiliating conditions
    But the light of my story promises me sparkling days

    Griot with my Kora
    I travel the world to tell stories of distant past
    Griot with my Kora
    I travel the world to tell stories from now

    I went, returned
    Returned and went
    Already taught, learned
    Learned and taught
    Already took, brought
    Brought and took
    Already gave, received
    Received, gave

    I... I moved through the world
    Until i made the world spin
    I... If i don´t move through the world
    Then the world stops spinning
    I... I worked for the world
    Until i made the world work
    And if i do not work for the world
    Then the world can not function

    But i still encounter barriers
    I´m stopped at the borders
    I have a empty wallet
    I have no ground or flags

    The world is not yours! The world is not mine!
    And if the world is yours, then it is mine too!
    But the world is not yours
    And the world is not mine
    The world belongs to Orunmila
    Who threw us down from Heaven Show less
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