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    Ahoy Me’earties!

    Here’s our recap of 2016, This year we did our first shows in Switzerland and Italy, and had many wonderful shows in Germany, The UK and the Netherlands!

    The song is Full Sail Mates - an original song which will appear on our next album. This is a live version which was recorded at Festival Mediaval on September 10th 2016

    There’s footage from Triskel Celtic Festival, Festival Mediaval, Festival Maritim, Burgfolk Festival & Feuertanz Festival

    Special thanks to Silvin, Axel and Alice for manning cameras at Festival Maritim :)

    Please share this video far and wide, especially if you want us to play at a festival near you!

    Music: Full Sail Mates - Performed live at Festival Mediaval 2016

    Full Sail Mates

    The Captain counted 24 of the crew who stood aboard
    2 dozen men, all brave and true each man to his accord
    Cast off fore and aft me boys we’ll sail from the dockyard
    for we’re at war we’ll sail to the sea to seek out our reward

    (Chorus: )
    Full Sail Mates!
    We’ll catch ‘em on the straits,
    Roll out the guns,
    Bring forth the shot,
    Prime the cannons, unsheathe the swords,
    We’ll send ‘em down to Davy jones
    The bottom of the sea
    Full Sail Mates!

    As they sailed along the sea of blue, the lookout he had spied
    A frenchy ship, a galleon, chance of treasure was implied
    The captain cried all hands on deck, man yer posts ye dogs
    we’ll run ‘em thru this day you see, death upon the frogs


    The Frenchy ship was a mighty one, we steered ourselves toward
    much gold in store, you never can tell unless you are aboard
    as they sailed upon the lee-ward side, the battle had begun
    the ships they crashed into the rocks and holed the galleon


    The battled raged on fierce as hell, as they fought on thru the night,
    The mast was down it’s sails ablaze, it burned on clear and bright
    the French they fought with many a man, they fought with all their force
    but the captains lads soon cut ‘em down, they showed them no remorse


    Well at last we’d slaughtered every man, and the blood spilled on the deck
    The cargo hold it was ours at last, and the treasure from the shipweck
    and as we stumbled on below the decks, for sure we nearly drowned
    there was a hole of 20 feet me boys, No treasure to be found!!!!

    (chorus x2)

    Pyrates! Be a sea faring band of Musical Marauders, sailing from th' shores of the Olde Lowlands of Holland to rowdy ports across the world! A notorious band of buccaneers, who've imposed their own brand of pirate themed folk music to fellow pirates an' unfortunate landlubbers not only in the United Kingdom but across tha' seas themselves! Able bodied bawdy balladeers armed wi' Guitar, Bass, Drums an' Fiddle. Dressed in full pirate costume an' all in tha' quay of ARRRR!

    Pyrates! have requisitioned countless well known folk tunes from sailors of ages past including songs of the sea, Bawdy Ballads, Jaunty Jigs, Irish Ditties, Sea Shanties, Drinking Songs and arr'cappella folk tunes that'll be sure ta have yez tappin' yer foot and singing along in no time!

    Pyrates! can be found at:
    info@pyrates.nl Show less
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