• VISUAL COMPOSER 2 : An Immersive Performance by WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE

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    I perform my music with my interactive stage design.
    It is best to experience it live.
    Since the visual react to my movements and music in real-time, each performance is different.

    I use Ableton Live with an M-Audio Microphone & Keyboard, and the keys of my MacBook Pro to make my tracks.
    For this video, I am using an instrumental, but I am also a recording artist.
    I make my music, write the lyrics, record my vocals, mix and master my albums.
    I then create all the visuals.
    I create every single aspect of my work to give you a spherical 4 dimensional experience of my Art.
    To create the interactive animation, I write code in Processing (Open Source Programming Language based on Java).
    In this video, my hands are controlling the visuals. For this, I use the Leap Motion sensor.

    The animation follows my hand movements in real-time and on key with accurate precision.
    The visual is an animation within an animation with symmetry, which makes it a bit more challenging to control, making it even more fun.

    Some of the visuals are generated by the music's decibel levels.

    The main drive behind my work is PLAY. Play leads to fun, which leads to joy. Following our joy is the driving force in my life, and I want to share it with others. This is why I create interactive installations where people and children of different races and religions get to play and have loads of fun in a magical environment.

    The VISUAL COMPOSER PERFORMANCE is a emotional piece with a dark track I made to expose the pain I feel everyday trying to survive in society. I perceive that the social system is set up by certain people to their benefit, while it is handicapping many others for whom it does not fit. I also see that many are unhappy with their jobs. Physicians and lawyers have high rates of suicide according to reports I have read. This is a time for us to question everything, and create a new social ecosystem that benefits all. Including the animals going instinct. I understand the Survival of The Fittest approach, but it does not have to be this way. I understand that nature is very violent and brutal, such as humans, but I also see a greater reality than this animalistic self-destroying one. It takes heart and courage to do what you love all day and all night all of the time forever. If you are willing to die for what you perceive as your purpose, then you are a Freedom Fighter… or simply, an Artist.
    Thank you for watching this video and possibly sharing it.
    Love Universal to All
    Unity In Diversity

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