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  • The Amritsar Massacre

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    It is the 100th anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

    On 13 April 1919, a British general, Reginald Dyer, led 50 troops of the British Indian Army to a meeting of 25,000 Indians (men, women and children; Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs) who were protesting the repressive Rowlatt Acts, and the recent violence of the British Army towards the civilian population.

    Upon entering the enclosed space, just a stone's throw from the Golden Temple in the city of Amritsar, in Punjab, his men formed ranks, levelled their Lee-Enfield 3.03 rifles and upon his order, fired 1,650 rounds of live ammunition into the dense crowd. The shooting lasted a full ten minutes. The crowd had nowhere to run. Over 1,200 died.

    Their murderous act of terrorism complete - and having sent a message to the whole of British India - Dyer turned on his heel and left, without offering any aid to the wounded and dying. Indeed curfew - on pain of death - was swiftly imposed, and his victims were left to swelter and bleed to death in the 40 degree celsius heat.

    The period of martial law that followed was equally barbarous. Collective punishments, RAF planes strafing and bombing civilians, trains machine-gunning villagers, the rounding up, torture and public floggings of the men of Punjabi towns and villages, and ritualistic and racist punishments.

    Hundreds were sentenced to death and transportation by rapidly formed courts martial. All unrest and talk of independence was quelled with the most vicious military means.

    Michael O'Dwyer, the Lieutenant governor ofPunjab, Lord Chelmsford, the Viceroy of India and Edwin Montague, the secretary of state for India in Britain all rapidly gave their full support to Dyer's actions - although the degree of outrage in India and across the world would trigger his eventual retirement.

    The Morning Post (Now the Daily Telegraph) hailed General Dyer - the Butcher of Amritsar - as the 'saviour of the Empire', and raised a public subscription of £27,000 to pay tribute to his 'heroism'.

    India has long called for an apology from Britain for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. That staunch British imperialist Rudyard Kipling wrote that the leopard couldn't change his spots. That is certainly true of British Imperialism. A sincere apology would demand the cessation of similar atrocities; a change of behaviour; a true admission of guilt - not simply being caught in the act of lying.

    The best apology is for the truth to be known - and to put an end to the blood-soaked system of Imperialism once and for all. India took its national independence. Workers of all countries must take power and finish exploitation of nation by nation, and man by man.

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    A short word about our organisation

    The CPGB-ML was set up in July 2004 by a group of committed communists who had either been expelled or had resigned from the Socialist Labour Party. It was set up in recognition of the fact that there was no existing party in Britain that carried a consistently Marxist-Leninist, anti-imperialist, anti-social democratic political line. It was, and is, the unshakable conviction of these comrades that only such a party can develop into a genuine working-class vanguard.

    More information on the setting up of the CPGB-ML can be found in the first issue of our journal, Proletarian, in particular the article Why the CPGB-ML?

    As time has gone on, our belief that we are truly different from all the other parties calling themselves socialist and communist in Britain has only deepened. In 2011, there was clear blue water between our position and that of every other party on ALL the important questions: on the crisis, its causes and solutions; on Libya and Col Gaddafi; on Syria and President Bashar al-Assad; on the youth uprisings; on Korea and Comrade Kim Jong Il.

    What differentiates us is a consistent revolutionary analysis and a thoroughly scientific approach to all aspects of our work. We are small, but we are growing. We welcome anyone who is serious and committed to working for a socialist future.

    Join us!
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    The bourgeoisie turns everything into a commodity, hence also the writing of history. It is part of its being, of its condition of existence, to falsify all goods; it falsified the writing of history. And the best-paid historiography is that which is best falsified for the purposes of the bourgeoisie

    Friedrich Engels.

    "Show everybody, then, that no power will succeed in depriving the workers of class consciousness! Without knowledge the workers are defenceless, with knowledge they are a force!"

    V I Lenin (What are our ministers thinking about?)
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    What is communism? What is the record of the communist movement in power? Is communism relevant to workers and their struggles today?

    Who was Stalin ('man of steel')? What are the differences between Lenin ('man of iron') and Trotsky? Which has proven itself in practice and can aid the liberation of working people from their economic and political oppression?

    This selection of interviews and presentations seeks to answer these fundamental and important questions.
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    Anglo-american imperialism, seeks domination, not democracy. Its bloody history of conquest, plunder and murderous genocidal war in the middle east is proof positive of this fact.

    From Iraq, to Palestine, Afghanistan to Syria, Iran to Egypt, Saudi to Syria, we have a duty to recognise and oppose the disgusting policies of interference pursued by our own ruling class and say: these are not in our interest and cannot be pursued in our name.

    An active policy of non-cooperation with imperialism's war crimes in the middle east and the wider world must be championed by any British party seeking to free the working class from its slavish subordination to the British imperial ruling class.

    Victory to the anti-imperialist forces of resistance in the middle east!
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