• DJ Crazy Toones Ft Kurupt - 2 Turntables And A Microphone Lyrics

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    Check this out, check it out yall, make some noise for Kurupt n!gga n!gga Kur-Kurpt n!gga, I cut the style up and DJ with it, DJ Crazy Toones bringing you, hip-hop, hip-hop, Ku Ku Kurupt, we are hip-hop no one could serve us, Millimeters, two nines, duffles, a couple of chevy's heavy duty on my hood duty, im packed up and ready, eh Toones tell em quit it, forget it before they feel it, murder mashes loose in the building n!gga feelin like, hecklers get to heckling cause Heckle and Jeckle ass n!ggas end up as spectacles let us go, if you wanna get technical n!gga just let us know, cause technincally unexpectingly injecting the plot, I dont need a tech to be stickin n!ggas like techna shots, it takes two to make a thing go right, you aint never lie, serial murder mind set, I set of the time warp, time and space, eclipse, wait, concenstrate, hello, I am D P G C, Kurupt young gotti, Are you guys ready for some lyrics? yup yup yup, check this out, we aint all about gang baning, hanging, slanging, remain in a mental cell distained frame of explaining my mental dwells refaining from acceleration unable to excell, to please me, it takes more bangings to easy, five n!ggas around me, seven n!ggas to hound me, hard to get around seein ten or twelve, follow a minute feel, follow minute feel, follow a minute feel, c c c concentrate, now can you pay attention long enough for intervention to settle into a whole nother infinite level or should I get the shovel out early and start shovelin, opening up the spaces for all your hommies to settle in, maybe its just the fact that me and Toones is over it, we ready for that next level, were full over bubblen' the party just popped is that were its bubblen' put Toones on the table and lets just see whats happens, five seconds later Kurupt is ready for action, poison is poety, positive, sactisfaction, happens everytime Kurupt is spilling these ryhmes, either these lines are to farfetched to catch at times, boy you just can catch up or either just aint tryin, either way I gotta spray mines, line for line, its hard to comprehend, concentration, medatation, immobilization its hard to move up outta the way the ryhmes spray like haze, the whole sound barriers caved in, trust me, dont play mind games or try to touch me, Im laval, Im magma, I dont need a magnum revolver, my problem solver up in the cabin, its two turn tables and a microphone, dont rush me trust me, ryhmes pierce the mind like chromes, check it, classic is at our James and Cataract records but we still hood we'll break yea jaw if you disrespect us, so the best thing to do my n!ggas dont disrespect it cause life is short like newport cancer infected, hit this n!gga up top the head, oh yo yo hold up, these n!ggas aint ready... Show less
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