• Out for Vitae: Episode 3 (A Redemption Movie)

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    In this episode, I recreate several scenes from "Fire Down Below" using E-Mod and Paine's Particle Mover for animations. I was still using a crappy rig at this point and Windows Movie Maker, so some of the video quality is meh, but it gets better in episode 4, now that I have a great rig and Sony Vegas. Episode 4 will continue the story line of Episode 3 in "Fire Down Below". This episode is more about story telling using Redemption, with some action.

    Out for Vitae Description: Many moons ago on a crappy rig using Windows Movie Maker, I (Signothorn) set out to show off some of the great models in maps made by the Redemption community, as well as some in-game capabilities some may not be aware of.

    I love Steven Seagal films and found a model in the NoN Megapack and decided I'd recreate scenes in Steven Seagal films using Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. I mean, why the hell not? I decided to make a movie an hour long or more, trying to merge the scenes into one long story. Long story short; this shit is hard work. I decided if I was going to press on with this movie, I need to take some stress off and release it in episodes. As the story progresses, I become better at filming, using animations and use better tools, like Sony Vegas, so the picture quality is much better. So far I have 3 episodes ready for release, each 7-10 min.

    Models and Tools: Using Maps of the Ages and GigaPack found at e-mods.net. MoTA is a massive compilation of maps created over the years by many people. You can find the credits for all maps at E-mods.net. The Gigapack is by EtaYorius (DarkLobo) EMod is used for animations, and was made by Javokis and a small team. The particle mover by Paine, and is used in episodes 3 and beyond, allowing moving cars and more. Used the NoN Megapack of coarse, Various models (including Clan Couples) by VampireWriter. Dark Path skinpacks, Classic Megapack (including WTD), +PER+ Props were also used. If I forgot anything, it's not intentional, just post below and I'll add, I started several years ago.

    Thanks: Javokis, Paine and SkyratoHollow helped consulting me and not telling me to STFU. Javokis made a custom weapon for me, as did Eta Yorius. Paine updated the Particle Mover to move objects and more, just to help me out. Many thanks guys!

    Technical: You have to do some NOT editing to link NMS files to a model, so animations would spawn using EMod. I have 2 NMS files for every skeleton 0 player and you need to manually scroll through each animation to find the one you wish to use in order to film. Roughly 40 animations, known only by their number, no description, some memorization is required. You have to watch the soon to be emulated scene, know the animation to simulate, spawn it, record it, and synchronize characters so it appears they are interacting. Each animation is recorded about 4 times at different angles, so it can be edited together to also synchronize with the audio. Many characters and items don't respawn using save games, so it often takes 10-20 minutes to set up to record the next few seconds. I may do a separate video showing exactly how this is done, but as a reference, the Out for Justice bar fight scene in episode 2 took 2 solid weeks for roughly 6 minutes. Show less
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