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  • PiALOGUE Explanation by Pi PhD (Pi Dialogue)

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    My name is Pi PhD. This is an explanation of PiALOGUE which comes from the phrase Pi Dialogue. PiALOGUE is my own version of the combination of the concepts of Bohm Dialogue, or dialogue in the spirit of David Bohm, Spiral Dynamics Integral or SDi, from Don Beck, Integral Dialogue from Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute, Non-Violent Communication or NVC by Marshall Rosenberg, and, Neuro Linguistic Programing, or NLP, by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. PiALOGUE is a way to understand each other by having each of us mutually expressing our individually unique ideas without interruption. Once we have heard each other, accurately, then we can continue with further inquiry into any misunderstandings or ambiguity. In this manner of process PiALOGUE is a disambiguation technique. PiALOGUE is not meant to get people to agree with each other. PiALOGUE is a way to understand each other.

    PiALOGUE, or Pi Dialogue, begins with a circle or "pie" representing the totality of human experience. If we divide that pie into smaller pieces, then triangulate on those aspects of individual human experience, and then relate those groups of triangulated human experiences to each other we all come to a greater understanding and awareness of the entire pie. By understanding the principles of Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) as well as Integral Dialogue we gain insight into the personal experiences of people whom we care about. Produced in support of my submission to the Google Project 10 to the 100 contest.

    * http://PiALOGUE.info
    * http://SpiralDynamics.net

    KEYWORDS: PiALOGUE, Pi Dialogue, Disambiguation, Technique, Protocol, Process, Integral Inquiry, Integral Dialogue, Bohm Dialogue, Dialogue in the Spirit of David Bohm, Spiral Dynamics Integral, SDi, Non-Violent Communication, NVC, Compassionate Communication, Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP, Don Beck, Ken Wilber, David Bohm, Marshall Rosenberg, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Ambiguity, Triangulation on Truth, Actuality Show less
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