Go the the website above for the best petition ever.
Go the the website above for the best petition ever.
Faggots are made, not born:


I hate faggots, and anyone who dares supporting this gay filth. It is my job as a professional faggot-exterminator to dispose of the gay plague. Homosexuals are like an infection, a disease, that has contaminated mankind with a disgraceful, repulsive illness.

The gay agenda is widely embraced by all the politically correct followers. It is them who promote the gay lifestyle, and all of its cancerous, destructive characteristics.

There is a good reason why I execute homos. They are extremely harmful to the human race. Allowing homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle equals certain death. The whole human race will go extinct if we refuse to reject this faggotry. 

It is time to wipe out this hype, this beyond pathetic rotten culture, this sick ideology of sexual perversion and irrational hypocrisy. It is time to put an end to the lies which the gay lobby has spread.

Homosexuality is not OK. It is disgusting, immoral, degrading, and harmful behavior. No existing homosexual has ever lived a happy life. Anyone who joins the gay lifestyle is a sad, pathetic piece of human waste, that quickly degenerates into a unsightly pile of anally-barfed out excrements. This is the truth about the life of a homo. You will eternally remain anxious and live a horrible life of misery and depression. Any faggot that claims to be happy, is lying both to itself and everyone around it. Happy homosexuals do not exist, have never existed and they will never arise.

Since even children are indoctrinated by faggot enablers in public schools nowadays, the fate of mankind is looking grim. Unless the gay agenda is stopped, there may not be any future. It is severely underestimated how destructive the gay movement is. 

Spread the truth. Read the facts on the website above. It is not too late to save the human race yet. But we will have to put an end to the homosexual lobby to secure our fate.

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.//___//  Legalizing The Right To Shoot Faggots
With Guns!
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