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  • The Chakra System 6

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    The Sixth Chakra — the Third Eye Chakra — is located right between your eyes. This Chakra is connected to the eyes, base of the skull, the pituitary gland (which has a huge regulatory influence on many hormones in the human body) and the nose and sinuses.

    This Chakra also relates to seeing beyond the ordinary. For example, if someone’s trying to sell you something but they’re not being truthful about it, and you recognize this, then you’re using your Third Eye Chakra.

    Another Third Eye Chakra function is the ability to see things that others can't see or subtle energy such as people's auras. This is a function of clairvoyance.

    This Chakra also relates to insight. Look at people like Martin Luther King, Marie Curie or Abraham Lincoln who had the gift of seeing meaning and solutions in places where others cannot and you’ll understand what I mean here.

    None of the Chakras work alone. Someone who has good Third Eye Chakra functionality usually has quite a high level of competence with the functions of their other Chakras too. At least, that’s been my experience…

    This information comes with a caveat. Some people who have tremendous abilities with clairvoyance — like some geniuses — may have discrepancies in other areas.

    There are anomalies out there, but that's not what we really want. You don't want to gain clairvoyance, but lose common sense, which can happen.

    Light is related to the Third Eye Chakra too. So whenever we're looking at light, we're using this Chakra either through our physical eyesight or through a kind of sight — think about a Sixth Sense — that could help you see angels or disembodied souls.

    Being able to communicate without words at any distance through telepathy is also linked to this Chakra.

    Many of you have probably been very deeply in love with somebody, and discovering you knew what they were thinking before they said anything. Maybe, you knew when they were going to call you or when they were having a challenge of some kind.

    That would be having this instant knowing called telepathy.

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