Velupillai Prabhakaran Velupille Pabakaran Pirupaharan Prabakaran Prabaharan Kirubakaran Gaybakaran Punda
Velupillai Prabhakaran Velupille Pabakaran Pirupaharan Prabakaran Prabaharan Kirubakaran Gaybakaran Punda


10. Nowadays GoSL is relocating the Internally Displaced Persons. So the problem is the houses that IDPs are given by GoSL, not slums. They are well established houses having concrete walls and brick roofs. We like to live as SlumDogs and not like Millioners. See how our guys lived in the Thalivar Prabhakarans time. Even M.I.A. sang for this. That is a systematic© genocide™ of Tamils living pattern.

11. Then, GoSL started on the IDP Tamil Children. They gave the Children white uniforms to wear when going to school. We already declared our uniform, which is green and brown colored jungle fighting uniform. It doesnt need to wash again and again, as it is dark colored. This white colored school uniform is hurting to kids small hands as it needs to wash more often. So this is genocide™ our holy terrorist uniforms.

12. Then GoSL gave them Heavy book set. This is pure Evil. All children in Camps© know that T56 Rifle is lesser in weight and give a self protection when compare with there heavy books and give the protection them too. How those kids go to school by hanging those books even without a belt like a T56. Dont genocide™ their rights; give them their loving T56 Rifle.

13. Then they give water bottles and biscuit packets to those children. Thalivar Prabhakaran gave a little cyanide capsule chain that is very easy to hang in the neck and it gave extra protection if SLA guy came to catch them, also it used as jewelry. This is genocide™ the customs of Eelam jewelry.

14. Also GoSL gave huge school bags to those children. It is too heavy unlike the suicide west, when put all the books that necessary to the school syllabus. This is just like how the Nazis genocide™ the Jews in their concentration Camps©.

15. The children were made to wear those uniforms, carry these books, water bottles and forced to attend this alien place called school everyday. There, the children were made to sit behind a desk and force to listen to a teacher four hours on end; cruelty of the highest order of there genocidal™ teachers.

16. Now Tamil Children or even eldest Tamil civilians cant have toys like T56 or any other toys like Clamo, Jonnie, RPG due to the GoSL rules them. But those days when Thalivar ruled, our children played with them with too happy. So this is genocide™ the children right to play with toys.

17. And now, a campaign has been jointly launched by the GoSL who vaccinate over 36,000 internally displaced Tamil children in Vavuniya relief Camps© in Sri Lanka against measles under a special child health campaign. Those brutal injection syringes are hurt to our children than a one direct bullet shot by our LTTE leaders, because it never get hurt for long if and only if targeted well. This is genocide™ Tamil children by pain.

18. Tamil children in welfare Camps© cant marry in age 2 unlike the time that the Thalivar Prabhakaran ruled that area, and have to wait until age 18 due to the brutal rules of GoSL. It is totally genocide™ the childrens rights to pedophilia!

19. Now condoms are not available for Tamil Children due to the brutal GoSL age restrictions for condoms. But our dead leader Thalivar Prabhakaran did it when he was alive. This is shockingTM us and also genocide™ the childrens right to pedophilia!

20. GoSL already banded the gay sex in Sri Lanka. So what happen to the gays and lesbians in concentration Camps©? Racist® GoSL try to go to the Thaleiban Era. We LTTE are Gay! We need separate gay land. If Sinhalese dont like to gay, we establish Gaylam near to Sealam in ToiletNadu. GoSL is genocide™ the gay sex.

Read the full story in this link: http://thesinhala.com/2009/08/genocide-tamils-in-sri-lanka.html

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