• For those who Dream. A Poem.

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    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    They smiled enthusiastically.
    It might as well have been sarcastically
    Cause the day they stopped looking down at my head,
    Was the same day they started looking down at what I’d said,

    Okay so maybe it wasn’t all possible,
    But I was okay with just the plausible,
    I wasn’t a diva, I didn’t make a scene,
    I was a teen
    That had just started to dream,
    And I wanted to do was run ahead, full steam
    But what they saw was me clowning around
    And so they told me to stop, told me to settle down.

    They said I could be whatever I wanted to be
    Once I had my degree
    That I could go off and chase my dreams
    So long as I had a plan B

    I continued on in a system I didn’t understand.
    Doing what I should but with nothing planned
    I loved my teachers,
    My time on the bleachers,
    But when all I’m looking forward to was the end
    I couldn’t help but wonder, has life even began?
    I can miss this, need to show up for that
    Get a good collection of letters, if I just avoid the math
    I went to school but missed my education
    It felt like I was playing one of those stupid phone games, just more pain, less gratification
    4 years out, and I wasn’t even halfway done
    A jack of no trades, a master of fun.

    I worked on my back up for so long.
    But I couldn’t focus cause we just didn’t belong
    And at the end of it all I forgot everything I wanted to do.
    That’s what school did for me, maybe it was better for you.

    I tried joining the work force and had over a dozen 9 to 5s
    But I always ended up quitting cause none of them made me feel alive
    I didn’t want to work so hard on a plan B that it became plan A
    I don’t care if the pay’s great, I don’t want to do something I hate till I turn grey
    So I took a moment and asked myself, what do I want to be?
    And the only thing I could think of was that I just wanted to be.. me.

    I wish I were one of the few that figured out what they wanted to do at an early age
    But I’m just one of the many that figured out what I didn’t want to do at any given stage

    I’ve been called me stupid, nerd, geek,
    Just cause I just didn’t want to live my life the same way. Whatever, I’m Proud to be Unique.

    My mom wanted me to at least finish school, maybe be an eye doctor,
    I told her I’d rather live on the streets, not to shock her,
    But to say that though my sight was poor, my vision was finally clear
    I wanted to explore the unknown, move forward without fear

    I closed my eyes and went for it
    I tripped over my ego; a scar on my pride to show for it
    It was like I jumped off a boat and into the ocean
    Sink or swim. This idea was broken.

    But I found some things that I love, and I tried a lot of things that I hate.
    I learned to take chances. I learned to make mistakes.

    I realized my passion and then once again I took action.
    It was so much easier, when Plan B’s not there as a distraction.
    Like popping in a TV dinner, instead of trying not to burn the meal you’re cooking.
    How do you chase your dreams, expect to achieve them if you’re not even looking?

    It’s the thing you dream about, the thing you always go back to when push comes to shove.
    When there are no guarantees in life, and you can fail at something you hate, why not fail at something you love? Show less
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