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  • Re: Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife

    262,225 views 2 days ago
    In the last video I told you about an actress that I found on craigslist who hasn't been in any of my sketches till now. In the video there was a scene my wife became really upset by. I am a professional video maker, so of course, I didn't see anything wrong with the scene.

    Anyway, I've decided to release the footage in this video, but first I want to talk about how people responded to us online, including people we've known personally... how odd.

    Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife:

    Re: I Betrayed My Wife:

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    • Re: Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife - Duration: 3 minutes, 9 seconds.

      • 2 days ago
      In the last video I told you about an actress that I found on craigslist who hasn't been in any of my sketches till now. In the video there was a scene my wife became really upset by. I am a profes...
    • Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife - Duration: 3 minutes, 33 seconds.

      • 4 days ago
      Everything happens for a reason, what is meant to be will happen, all these phrases and more are designed to make us feel better... but when it comes to betraying your wife or husband? No. No, abso...
    • 10 Things I Hate About Shinigami (Death Note) - Duration: 3 minutes, 3 seconds.

      • 1 week ago
      Shinigami are Japanese demons that basically follow you around wherever you go according to my research almost exclusively derived from watching Death Note. I know, legit. Anyway, Light Yagami host...
    • 10 Things I Hate About Christians - Duration: 3 minutes, 55 seconds.

      • 2 weeks ago
      Christians are... well, simple people. They want to go to Heaven, they want to be forgiven for everything they do wrong, they want to live forever, they don't need proof of anything spiritual they ...
    • Haters Gonna Hate (Onision Song) - Duration: 2 minutes, 35 seconds.

      • 3 weeks ago
      Get this song now on iTunes:

      I wrote this song a couple years ago. I only recently decided to make a music video to it t...
    • Lainey Divorced Onision (+ Depressing House Tour) - Duration: 3 minutes, 14 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      My wife Laineybot... or... I'm sorry... EX wife took all my stuff in my house and left me for a woman, just like you all warned me she would. Thank you guys, for knowing more about my personal life...
    • Emo Doesn't = Gay (The Emo Song) - Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      Get this emo song on iTunes now:
      Download this song on Amazon:

      Social Repo...
    • Bird Trapped In My House (Onision) - Duration: 3 minutes, 12 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      Selena told my wife that she thought there was a bird trapped in our room. Neither of them wanted to go in till I checked it out, so I went up and pressed record. The bird was hiding... well, don't...
    • Batman's Message To ISIS - Duration: 2 minutes, 59 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      Batman is tired of terrorism and has decided to take a stand, not just for Gotham, not just for America, but for... actually just those two things. Anyway, know this terrorists of the world, the da...
    • Onision's Wife Leaves Him (For A Woman) - Duration: 99 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      The internet has responded in kind of a funny way to Lainey the last few days... I've been called a "cuck" or a "cuckold" (which is the husband of an unfaithful wife), and she's been called a numbe...
    • The Futility Of Heterosexuality (Love & Suicide) - Duration: 2 minutes, 6 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Is loving a man suicide? Are men even capable of love? Are women and men highly interchangeable as partners or is the one person your with, out of the billions of people on this planet, truly the o...
    • Abusive Boyfriend Confronted (Worst Relationship Ever) - Duration: 3 minutes, 4 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      There are some pretty awful boyfriends out there, but I'm pretty sure this one is worse than most all of them. The yelling, the physical abuse, the life threatening activities & even killing... thi...
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    A playlist about celebrities, YouTubers and their lives in the spotlight.
    • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? - Duration: 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Some people grew up, others grew old & the rest grew dead. Where are they now? Video features a picture gallery of a number of celebrities who we all wonder where they are & what happened.

    • Which YouTubers Hate Each Other? - Duration: 4 minutes, 22 seconds.

      • 10 months ago
      I wasn't really planning on winding up being a total villain in this video but no matter where I looked regarding YouTubers and dramatic status updates there I would be... super! Reality checked.

    • Why Do People Hate Markiplier & Nicole Arbour? - Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
      Nicole Arbour is apparently a film actor and Markiplier is a YouTube gamer. Shot in the dark, which person do you think would be more cool to hang with? Film actor? Or Gamer? Anyway, one is mostly ...
    • Andy Biersack is Hot - Duration: 3 minutes, 21 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Felt like this deserved it's own video... Andy Biersack is insanely attractive, we all know it. He's the lead singer of Black Veil Brides, a pretty solid rock band. Too good to be true?

      Andy Biers...
    • Hannah Minx is Missing? - Duration: 3 minutes, 10 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      So Hannah Minx is basically a missing persons report waiting to happen. Where is Miss Hannah Minx? She hasn't updated her twitter or YouTube in way too long... miss her!

      The only person I've heard...
    • Do Ugly Pictures of Andy Biersack Exist? - Duration: 2 minutes, 45 seconds.

      • 8 months ago
      Someone challenged me on my contact page to try and find an ugly picture of Andy Biersack, well, I tried, and not a single bad picture of Andy was found. Andy is above the woes of lighting and came...
    • Why Is PewDiePie Popular? - Duration: 5 minutes, 41 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      PewDiePie is enormously popular YouTube celebrity, there must be an explanation - hopefully what i came up with makes sense to you. Why is PewDiePie so popular? Well, he's a ray of sunshine with an...
    • Why Do People Hate Kylie Jenner? (+ Lena Dunham) - Duration: 4 minutes, 51 seconds.

      • 10 months ago
      Two celebrities known for their writing among other things. Kylie Jenner is obsessed over for most everything to include her age (teenager), her lipstick (related to Miley Cyrus somehow), her style...
    • Why Do People Hate Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj? - Duration: 4 minutes, 8 seconds.

      • 9 months ago
      Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, two music-centered female celebrities who have received a bit of heat in the past. Most female celebrities have actually, it normally involves jealousy and shaming, b...
    • Why Do People Hate Paramore And Laineybot? (Onision's Wife) - Duration: 2 minutes, 58 seconds.

      • 8 months ago
      Laineybot is my wife, I many friends & family call her "Lainey". Paramore is a band with a female lead singer named Hayley Williams. Why do some people hate Laineybot and Paramore? Well, a lot of p...
    • Why Did Zayn Leave One Direction? + #CutForZayn - Duration: 4 minutes, 21 seconds.

      • 10 months ago
      Some of you know Zayn Malik from One Direction, a band that has sang/performed to millions of fans around the world. Zayn announced he is leaving one direction and now a few people have been noted ...
    • Who Is The Richest YouTuber? - Duration: 3 minutes, 46 seconds.

      • 10 months ago
      Success of YouTubers has fluctuated quite a bit over the years, once upon a time Shane Dawson was number one, Smosh too, even RWJ, none of them are that close anymore. The times often change things...
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    Some really fun & random eye candy/garbage the internet has to offer.
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