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Order the beautiful, 96-page book: "Along the Far Climb Down" by me, and (for the sake of all that's holy) from me: Richard Thripp, for a mere & measly $5 U.S. (no pesos!), that includes shipping & handling. Send a check (a good one) for $5 to: Richard Thripp, 1829 Nelson Ave., Ormond Beach, Fla. 32174

I'll have the book to you within 3 weeks. Apropos of nothing: My mailman's a Vietnam veteran and isn't afraid to kill anything that flutters, twitches, sways, flits, wobbles, undulates, sashays or shuffles.

CONTAINMENTS (abbreviated)

5 ... Elvis' Left Eye Ball; The Bikini Princess

6 ... A Heart-Warming Story of Courage; The Rebounding World

8 ... Death in Cold Water Canyon

11 ... The Pope is Extremely Religious

13 ... Kiss of the Tarantula People; King of the Du-Rags; My Constricted Blood-Filled Sluices

15 ... Pursuit of Excellence in Body & Mind

16 ... The Movie Heroics of Ronald Reagan & the Advance of Small-Breed Dogs .... and so on...
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