STATUS MONSTER !!!!! jks now.... hug meh :D
STATUS MONSTER !!!!! jks now.... hug meh :D

Hey there I'm well whatever you call me
I'm 14, a freshman in high school.
I have 4 piercings hopefully more soon.
I draw, I write, I dance, I sing....a excessive amount, and I make youtube videos here.

I am a master of making up my own words because I'm too lazy to learn the real ones, I say stupid a massive amount when I am angry or upset by something, I never let things stay the same, I am DEFFINITLY not the person to tell you you are beautiful just the way you are or that people will love you for you because I think that we all need to change and that the point of life is to change.

I don't know who I am or what i want to be yet, and I'm still figuring that out.

Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing to me! I really appreciate it :)
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