• [OLD] ODST Animations and a Release! (Subterfuge)

    4,194 views 6 years ago
    -Animations: ODX
    -Model: Bungie
    -Skin: Bungie
    -Rig: ODST Arms by Bungie

    Music: Teru - Untitled 2

    I've had these technically done since I believe Summer last year or around there, and the video itself was actually sitting as a Sony Vegas project since about November last year. It wasn't until now, with the release of Project_Subterfuge, that I decided to compile out the video and upload it to Youtube as well as release the raw animation files.

    This was actually my first time using Vegas, but now with it I hope to be able to show off more of my work since the video compression is so much better than WMM (I have Windows XP so it's the shit version). The only thing limiting my quality now is my old computer and 3ds Max 8, as well as my own laziness.

    Here are the raw animation files in 3ds Max 8 format:

    And here's the thread for Project Subterfuge's release:
    http://forum.halomaps.org/i...... Show less
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    • ODX's Revival - FAMAS - Duration: 20 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      -Animations: ODX (who the hell else)
      -Model: Snap (fpsbanana or gamebanana or whatever it is now)
      -Rig: Halo ODST (converted to Halo 1 bones by Spartan-094)
      -Music: Buzzcut Season - Lorde (beginnin...
    • Andrew Jovanovic 48.25 100 Backstroke Finals (State Record over Grevers) - Duration: 58 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      2- K. Patnode (50.31)
      3- S. Tan (50.01)
      4- A. Jovanovic (48.25)
      5- A. Snarski (49.98)
      6- N. Hasemann (50.61)
      7- J. Mangan (50.48)

      Andrew Jovanovic's 48.25 100 Backstroke Finals race at the IHSA St...
    • Connor Black 50 Free 19.80 Prelims (State Record over Grevers) + Finals - Duration: 56 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      Connor Black's 50 Freestyle, where he breaks Olympian Matt Grevers 2003 high school state record (19.83) with a 19.80 in the prelims for IHSA State Swimming at New Trier, February 22-23. I've inclu...
    • The SMG's New Groove - Duration: 12 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      Just showing the melee in-game because people thought the .gif was too fast on the forums.

      Guess it's to show you guys I'm not dead either and I can still animate.
    • [OLD] ODST Animations and a Release! (Subterfuge) - Duration: 32 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      -Animations: ODX
      -Model: Bungie
      -Skin: Bungie
      -Rig: ODST Arms by Bungie

      Music: Teru - Untitled 2

      I've had these technically done since I believe Summer last year or around there, and the video it...
    • [WIP]CMT Carbine Reload - Duration: 4 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      -Animation: ODX
      -Model: Teh Lag
      -Skin: Dane

      Getting back into the groove of things, the rest of the animations are 'finished' but I'm still rendering them out/editing them as I see fit. Here's the...
    • HK45c Reload-Empty - Duration: 3 seconds.

      • 7 years ago
      -Animation: ODX
      -Model: http://www.fpsbanana.com/models/1298
      -Rig: CoD4 Arms rigged by Moses

      Didn't even bother to render with motion blur, not exactly a huge fan of this reload but decided to...
    • CMT Elite Sniper Animations - Duration: 25 seconds.

      • 7 years ago
      -Animations: ODX
      -Model: Teh Lag
      -Rig: CMT Elite Arms by Teh Lag

      Yeah, I have no idea what to do with these...

      I could easily port them to the CMT Spartan Arms for use in MPG4 if you guys want.....
    • UMP-Beta Chamber - Duration: 2 minutes, 55 seconds.

      • 7 years ago
    • CMT MPG3: Rockets on Augur - Duration: 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

      • 7 years ago
      Meh, not my kind of weapon or game...
    • CMT MPG3: Phantoms on Augur - Duration: 2 minutes, 55 seconds.

      • 7 years ago
      A game where everyone is invisible and each player gets a "target" that has a nice big indicator above their head. Hunt them down, kill them, get a point. Simple as that.

      But really really fun, ...
    • CMT MPG3: Juggernaut on Ruins - Duration: 2 minutes, 43 seconds.

      • 7 years ago
      A nice game of Juggernaut on Ruins, where I didn't win for whatever reason I can not think of right now.

      Eh, didn't try hard enough, went after everyone I saw rather than the Juggernaut I suppose.
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