• I don't know if anyone is reading this but I just wanted to make a quick announcement:

    The next part of Summer Rain and the End are written but I'm so busy right now with studying, I can't post neither...I hope you understand, I'll try my best to post both within this week but please bear with me...I'm really sorry!:/

  • Worst weekend ever...

  • I wish I could record my thoughts so I don't lose them....

  • Nightingale is killing me...I can't stop listening to that song!!

  • People are so messed up....

  • Half-done, guys, half-done! Only about 400 left;)


  • POM POMS!!!!

  • Ask me some questions, guys:)


  • I'm sadly a dumb Asian.

  • So I finished the next part of Divorce and guess what? The part is too long for the DB, so now I have to split it, this is so stupid...-.-

  • I just wanted to tell you guys that it will take a while before I post again. I'm really busy with studying and exams right now, I can't find the time to write. But I have a lot of ideas and I make sure to write them down. Please give me some time and I'll be back soon. <33

  • I'm so pissed. I need a Jonas Brothers playlist and some peace. Is that really that much to ask for?

  • Being back here, I see so many people, I even forgot the name of. And I've been only away for four months. Guess, now I know, who really matters in my life...

  • So I wrote about two parts of Divorce but I'm way too tired to proof-read it and since I don't want to post complete bullshit I'll just post the two parts tomorrow, okay?:)<33

  • 17 comments?:O OMG! I never expected this many!! Wow...thank youuuuuuu!!!

    Okay, originally I planned on writing the next part over the week-end but now I'll write it today and try to post it today:)<333

  • I'm going to take a shower, then write and then post another part of Divorce, okay?:)<33


  • "A student has the most free-time."

    How would you know when you have been sitting at home for over six months doing absolutely nothing? It's easy for you to say that, isn't it?

  • I just finished learning Biology lesson 1... 27 more to go...isn't that great?-.-

  • Check out my new short story?:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P19_OGgZz8A&feature=plcp

  • My twitter account got suspended -.-

  • Me: "Dad, it's unbelievable. In uni I have to start studying a month before an exam."

    Dad: "Then start even earlier, then you'll have enough time."

    Me: "What? In school, I started studying a day before an exam!"

    Dad: "Well, we all know how that turned out, don't we?"

    Thanks Dad -.-

  • You know what is really depressing? When the EMAs (and especially the boys) are in the city you live and you can't go... -_____-


  • No problem...No problem...No problem... XD

  • Okay, I'm freaking out because the EMA's are going to be in FRANKFURT!!!:OO


    And Joe is nominated!! Vote for him, guys!!!!

    #VOTEFORJOEJ http://me.mtvema.com/artists/joe-jonas

  • Re-reading Summer Rain... I'm starting to hate this story:/

  • I'll try hard to post something tomorrow, okay?:)

    Maybe Summer Rain...we'll see...



  • Writing Summer Rain, it should be up in half an hour...:)

  • I'm back and I'm writing:)

    Is anyone proud of me?:P

  • I'll be away for the rest of the week:/ (in Hamburg for a wedding)



  • Two more 'one-shots' then I'll concentrate on my stories:)promise.:)

  • My one-shot has 5 parts... hmmmm.... :D

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