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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I was so happy that THE Chuck Yeager had Favorited one of my Tweets. That I had to share it with everyone that I met. However some people did not know who he was?! So I create this quiz to have a little fun learning, "Who Is Chuck Yeager?"

    Click on the Time Stamp Links below to see all the clues in the video:
    Clue 1 - 1:13
    Clue 2 - 1:31
    Clue 3 - 1:48
    Bonus Question: Clue 4 - 1:59

    Stay tuned for the Answers Video that I will publish in a few days!

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    You can find the Answers link at the end of the video.


    Subtitles and Close Caption
    Hello everyone and happy new year!
    Gerardo here from Vintage Victory.
    I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year
    and for a prosperous 2016!
    On New Years Day I was on Twitter tweeting
    away as everyone sees
    and I had the wonderful privilege of tweeting
    Chuck Yeager
    and wishing him a happy new year
    I am very happy to say he actually favorited
    my tweet!
    Which I was very excited about!
    I could not believe it! The Chuck Yeager!
    He is a super hero a Legend! An Epic Legend!
    And coincidentally, that morning I had a sales
    meeting to attend.
    And I could not help to share with the first
    people I met, "Hey Chuck Yeager favorited
    my tweet" And some of the people not everyone,
    said "Who is Chuck Yeager?"
    I said, "Who is Chuck Yeager?" Are you kidding
    Chuck Yeager is a super hero!
    Before there was Neil Armstrong, the first
    man on the moon.
    Before there was Yuri Gagarin, the first man
    in space.
    There was Chuck Yeager!
    I could not believe this do the young people
    these days do not know who he is?!
    Do they not know what his accomplishments
    So I decided to have a little fun with this.
    I decided to make a little quiz for everyone
    out there
    to see if everyone can learn some history.
    So here it is!
    "Who is Chuck Yeager?!"
    So the first clue is: 1st clue:
    October 14, 1947
    What happened on this date?
    On the bottom of this video, below I am going
    to put some jump links for the time of the
    video where you can pause and see all the
    So stay tuned
    Clue number 2:
    34.921944°N 117.8275°W
    What happened at this location?
    Longitude and latitude, there are plenty of
    resources on the internet that will allow
    you find this.
    Just do a simple Google Search.
    Clue number 3: -... . .-.. .-.. / -..- -....- .----
    Simple Morse Code, there are a plethora of
    places online were you can decode Morse code,
    you don't have to be a Mathematician to figure
    this out.
    And now Clue number 4, this is the Bonus Question:
    "Who and what is "Glamorous Glennis"?
    Simple facts, I'm sure a lot of people no
    this, don't spoil it for everyone else.
    Have a little fun with this.
    I'm sure you can do a lot of research.
    And it should not take long, only 5 minutes
    of your time to figure this out.
    And of Course, Stay Tuned for the Answers...!
    I wanted to have fun with this, I just did
    not want to dictate facts to you.
    I wanted to have a little fun, engagement
    and to do a little bit of research.
    On the bottom of the video you can see the
    different times where you can click and pause
    so you can see each clue.
    I am going to publish an answers video in
    a few days.
    No Cheating!
    Don't blurt out all the answers for everyone.
    The first person who does answer this, I will
    give you a little shout out!
    So thank you very much, stay tuned and best
    of luck!
    Good Bye

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