• City Girl (1)

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    I walked into my empty home and dropped my bags on the floor. My phone settled in between my cheek and shoulder, "I know I hate it too."

    "Milerz, you and Justin like JUST got back together. It's like you're ditching him." Mandy, my bestie, complained from the other end.

    I grabbed a soda from the fridge before walking up to my room. "It's not like I'm doing it on purpose!" When the door opened, I was engulfed into a sad sight. Only my bed was left in an otherwise empty room.

    "Then why are you doing it again?" Mandy spoke snapping me back to reality.

    "My mom!" My eye roll followed. "She got transferred to this small town in Texas. It's not even the big city where all the malls are, IT'S A SMALL TOWN!" To be honest, how could I, Miley Ray Cyrus-born and raised in the New York environment, live in a small town in the middle of nowhere?

    Mandy shared the same disgust. "Ugh, small towns are a big no-no. OMG, are you going to live on a farm!?!?!?"

    "What? No. Mandy! I'm going to Texas! I'm not going to become Amish!" I retorted as I heard my mom yell my name. "Manderz I gotta go, my mom's home. Ta-ta!"


    "Thanks for the piggy back ride Nick." Selena smiled toward her best friend.

    Nick returned the smile only to have his attention diverted. "What's going with the old Johnson house?" He pointed toward people moving all around the house.

    Selena shrugged obviously not sharing the same interest. "I don't know. I heard some big time hot shot bought it."

    "If they're such a hot shot, what are they doing here?" Nick questioned. His town was small. It was unknown to majority of the United States. Deweyville's a very tiny town, only important to the civilians who lived there.


    I took the window seat on the plane. I still can't believe this is happening to me right now. I'm leaving my precious city behind because my mom doesn't wanna just switch jobs!

    I cross my arms hoping to drift off and soon wake up from this horrific nightmare. Before I knew it, all I saw was the inside of my eyelids.

    The hours flew by as if the clock was broken. "Miley, we're here." I heard my mom. She shook me causing my eyes to flutter open. "We're home." She smiled.

    I scoffed at her. "We're MILES away from home." I said putting emphasis on miles. It was true. I'm in a whole new state, whole new are, whole new world. My home will always be New York.

    We walked out of the airport to see nothing but land. A car was waiting outside with our last name on a poster. We sat in the back letting the well dressed man take his course. I gaze outside the window as society started showing up. I looked at the small town -- What was I being forced into?

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