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    Roger Hodgson co-founded Supertramp in 1969 and was the driving force behind what fans call the 14 golden years of the band. He wrote, sang, and arranged the enduring rock standards that made Supertramp a worldwide phenomenon with album sales in excess of 60 million. Roger gave us the timeless classics such as Give a Little Bit, Breakfast in America, School, Dreamer, The Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home, It's Raining Again, Fool's Overture, and many more. Roger is currently on tour and selling out shows around the world. Every concert is a powerful emotional journey and his passion for his music and his art shines through in the magic and intimacy that is felt by the audience. For tour details, visit http://www.RogerHodgson.com or https://www.Facebook.com/Ro....

    "My songs are the expressions of my life experience and heart and soul's search for peace and meaning. The joy, questions, longing, aloneness that I felt and expressed in song have given voice to many around the world that have had similar life experiences. I feel music - in its highest expression - is the language of the soul, a universal language that reaches across barriers and connects people. You can speak from the heart but put those words to a beautiful melody and they touch a deeper place inside all of us. I have always been drawn to music that transports me - that takes me on an emotional and sometimes spiritual journey and have aspired to make that kind of music myself. In my experience it does not come from a mental place of control but a getting out of the way and allowing the place where true inspiration comes from to come through. Call it God, our superconscious, our higher selves, our inner connected self, it is the creator or artist in all of us where great inventions, art, inspiration of all kinds emanates from. I am truly grateful to have stumbled across this magical place inside me at an early age." ~ Roger Hodgson

    Breakfast in America 2015 World Tour
    Jun 19 Weinheim, Germany http://bit.ly/1A0d6y5
    Jun 20 Hinwil, Switzerland http://bit.ly/1w5SD71
    Jun 21 Clam, Austria http://bit.ly/1xy9aov
    Jun 24 Munich, Germany http://bit.ly/1HLqxqx
    Jun 26 Steinkjer, Norway http://bit.ly/1ucA6vo
    Jun 30 Nantes, France http://bit.ly/1GqT8Ql
    Jul 1 Paris, France SOLD OUT!
    Jul 4 Calw, Germany http://bit.ly/1xWGF0z
    Jul 7 Valencia, Spain Details soon
    Jul 8 Murcia, Spain http://bit.ly/1NK4HXv
    Jul 10 Bertrix, Belgium - Details soon
    Jul 11 Heerlen, Holland http://bit.ly/1zrzvaq
    Jul 12 Oxfordshire, England http://bit.ly/1kJv0R3
    Jul 15 Veszprém, Hungary http://bit.ly/1wM1FKP
    Jul 17 Brønnøysund, Norway http://bit.ly/1AAJ2J3
    Jul 18 Langesund, Norway http://bit.ly/1wFmeY1
    Jul 30 Weissenburg in Bayern, Germany http://bit.ly/12qA3P0
    Jul 31 Lauchheim, Germany http://bit.ly/1wOPHlC
    Aug 1 Carcassonne, France http://bit.ly/16WPtgw
    Aug 4 Mallorca, Spain - Details soon
    Aug 6 Marbella, Spain http://bit.ly/1gE7WgN
    Aug 8 Peralada, Spain http://bit.ly/1vCphUd
    Aug 27 Zweibrücken, Germany http://bit.ly/1D2bE3K
    Aug 28 Pfullendorf, Germany - On sale soon!
    Aug 29 Merkers, Germany http://bit.ly/1BAPmnG
    Aug 30 Hemer, Germany http://bit.ly/1xvcl22
    Sep 1 Cologne, Germany http://bit.ly/1Jahzns
    Sep 2 Amsterdam, Holland http://bit.ly/1zMRtP5 SOLD OUT!
    Sep 4 Siegen, Germany http://bit.ly/1CajbvI
    Sep 5 Lingen, Germany http://bit.ly/16wlJY0
    Sep 7 Berlin, Germany http://bit.ly/1zAJfN8
    Nov 20+21 Rama, ON, Canada - Details in August
    Nov 26 Calgary, AB, Canada - http://bit.ly/18pjNRn
    Nov 28 Vancouver, BC, Canada SOLD OUT!
    Dec 3 Montreal, QC, Canada http://bit.ly/PlaceDesArtsMTL
    Dec 8 Ottawa, ON, Canada http://bit.ly/1LddYbY
    Dec 9 Quebec, QC, Canada http://bit.ly/1ApGwoc
    Dec 11 Moncton, NB, Canada http://bit.ly/1DhLHd4
    Dec 12 Halifax, NS, Canada http://bit.ly/1NkMwrf
    2016, Apr 18 Amsterdam, Holland http://bit.ly/1zMRtP5
    2016, Apr 29 London, England http://bit.ly/RH_UK2016

    "Whether it's the melodic complexity of his songs, the harmonies he weaves with his band, the lyrics that sweep you away or his ability to still command the incredible upper range of his voice, 'beautiful' was what kept coming to mind over and over again during his performance. 'Breathtaking' might also apply. 'I want more' certainly would." Ted Hansen, Mesa Classic Rock Examiner

    "All these years I thought I was a Supertramp fan when actually I was and am a Roger Hodgson fan. What a show! WOW is all I can say." David Wild, Rolling Stone

    Fan Comments ~
    "Your voice was and is truly amazing thank you for a great night. You're the one that I've been waiting forever to see live and now my life is complete." Lyn

    "Roger Hodgson has created music that will live forever. Our lives are that much better because of masters like Roger. Through all the roads we have gone down, Roger's music was there to make life a bit easier." David

    Signed copies of Roger's albums at http://www.RogerHodgsonStor.... Video edited by Wim Daans Show less
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