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  • You must be outta your mind. Until Nyjah I would have agreed with you about Heath - who skated in my era. Nyjah has taken street skateboarding and rail skating to a whole new level. Listen to his peers and what they say about him. Please name a trick or part that Heath has done on street or rail and I will show how Nyjah has taken it too another level. The problem is, people hate that at such a young age Nyjah is possible the best to ever do it....those are Atiba words. Nyjah a true prodigy

    Nyjah Huston's Last Call

    Hate him or love him, Nyjah is GNARLY. This footy came together in a couple weeks. Chew on that.
  • Wow! You must really hate yourself. Another inbreed - goes to show you what happens when you inbreed with another animal specie like a chicken...You get a Jacob. Another self loathing keyboard gangster. You know you wish you had this kids skill.



  • That's absolutely not true. And if that was the case why is when we speak of skateboarding progression the focus is on how the tricks have advanced? So Danny Way is great because of his style? I don't think so. I agree style has a little influence but if you ain't got tricks no matter how much style you have brands are not sponsoring you. And to say Nyjah has no still you have got to be nuts. He lands the gnarliest tricks so perfectly and effortlessly people like you claim he has no style.

    Double Rock: Nyjah Huston and Friends

    There's some real mind-benders in this one. No joke. Also featuring David Loy, Boo Johnson, Cody Davis, and others.
  • Men! Which animal in the farm did your dad sleep with to bore such a stupid ass with the brain cells of fetus. Go and tell Daewon Song or Koston there no longer good although there over thirty or even Ray Barbee. Bye the way look for Steve Williams part in the new DGK video coming out and his over 30 and black. Looser boy. What happened? You sound bitter...did you catch your girl or mommy joggling a brothers balls in there mouth? Oh johnny! There only getting d**ked.

    X Games LA 2012 Real Street: Nyjah Huston

    • by X Games
    • 1 year ago
    X Games Real Street! Sixteen of the world's best street skateboarders have submitted 60-second video parts -- all original footage of tricks done in streets, not parks -- trying for a shot at $50,0...
  • Dude! Put it this way. Nyjah can do every trick P-Rod can do but P-rod would never even attempt half of Nyjah tricks. And talk about switch - I give that to P-Rod but not by much because Nyjah goes way bigger on his switch tricks. Stop being lazy and Utube some of Nyjah video. Also, Nyjah is as techy as Paul and does then at gnarly than anyone

    X Games Los Angeles 2012: Paul Rodriguez Wins Gold

    • by X Games
    • 1 year ago
    Paul Rodriquez threw down strong run after strong run in the Skate Street Finals and came out on top with the gold.

    For full Skate Street results:
  • Hey scooter jockey! Are you outa your mind. You can't possible skate to not realize the grand breaking skating Nyjah Rise and Shine video is. Luv Chaz but no one is at Nyjah level right now. Listen to what other pro's say about Nyjah and Rise and Shine. Several of NYJAH tricks are NBD beeeach.


    ZOO YORK proudly presents, The Chaz Ortiz Video. Filmed in 10 months between October 2011 to July 2012. Shot on location in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New York City and more.

    Chaz has been a...
  • P-Rod should not be getting higher score for doing basic tricks switch. In additon, Paul skate switch more so than regular. It's like Lebron who's left handed but plays basketball right handed. Nyjah's tricks are harder and more techy. They are lucky Nyjah was hurt.

    X Games Los Angeles 2012: Nyjah Huston Grabs Bronze

    • by X Games
    • 1 year ago
    Nyjah Huston battles a hurt knee and pulls off an 85.00 in the Skate Street Finals to claim bronze.

    For full Skate Street results:
  • Impressive Anahita! Your analysis is spot on....especially on the constitutional relevance. We need more intelligent legal analysis like this on tv.

    Watch Anahita Sedaghatfar discussing the Jerry Sandusky case on Fox News

    Anahita Sedaghatfar discussing Jerry Sandusky case on Fox News

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  • Your kidding right? How can anyone in there right mind say that shit. and i'm a big fan of both Hasalm and Jaws but put it this way Nyjah can do every trick both of them can do and neither would have to balls to try any of Nyjah tricks. And his the bussy? get the F***K outa here

    X Games LA 2012 Real Street: Chris Haslam

    • by X Games
    • 1 year ago
    X Games Real Street! Sixteen of the world's best street skateboarders have submitted 60-second video parts -- all original footage of tricks done in streets, not parks -- trying for a shot at $50,0...
  • you must be outa your f**king mind. just jumping down big sets does not come close to what Nyjah is doing. 180 fakie 5-o on bent rail! Are you kidding me. 5-0 down a 21 stair rail!!! UGH?

  • Bhahahahahahaha! Let me hit some of that shit your smoking. I'm a fan of Paul but to say his better than Nyjah? Come on son. Be glad you are alive to witness the Era of Nyjah Huston in street skateboarding.

    Paul Rodriguez Full Clip Friday #4

    Filmed & Edited by: Heath Brinkley
    Follow Paul on Twitter and Instagram @prod84
    Follow Heath on Twitter and Instagram @Heathmoe
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