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  • Warren G & Toi - Lookin' At You HD

    "Lookin' At You" segunda música do CD "The Return Of The Regulator" de 2002 do Warren G.

    The Return Of The Regulator (2002)

    1 - Intro
    2 - Lookin' At You
    3 - Here Comes Another Hit
    4 - Somethin' T...
  • God,what a sadist: ill give them the handbook how to live but ill give it in a time when no copywriters exists and only 10-15% of the people can read or write and never show myself again.And if info gets lost and dont obbey they can burn in hell for eternity; hahaha that would be funny.Read ya bible and dont come and diss people cause they dont believe in god or have youre uneducated narrow minded view on life,science,biology and feel the need to molest children.btw:atheisme is not a religion!

    Carbon Dating: (How) Does It Work?

    1. "Physics (Chapter 2): Carbon Dating: (How) Does It Work?"

    The Cassiopeia Project is an effort to make high quality science videos available to everyone. I...
  • Great sharing you're opinion,it's as useless as bringing water to the sea.I would bet that you are a religious person.You can recognize them when they make an argument,they learned it's not necessary to support it by any evidence or a logical,reasonable,rational ex­planation starting from a very young age.Last week i learned why islimic people cant eat pigs:Koran teaches very young kids that evil humans where changed into pigs in those days,that all pigs on earth are humans.

    New History of Humanity - Astounding Scientific Discoveries

    Hour long complete version of "The New History of Humanity " by Deek Jackson

    Extract - Hunting 2 MA

    Until recently the oldest, unchallenged evidence of human hunting ...
  • i think it is not a question whether we are alone in the universe or not , i really wonder why governments trying so hard to avoid the topic and covering up such relevant information to the world.

    Hour Long Alien Creepy Documentary (2012)

    Are Aliens real or fake? You Decide in the comments below! (2012)
    More stuff:
  • i really like this video , image quality is awesome. i am also planning to buy a EPP plane to go fpv with .

    Was wondering whether you could post some pictures on how you mounted the gopro hero camera and what transmitter /receiver you are using here ?

    awesome video , a shame it only has 38 views...thumbs up for this video!!!!!!

  • EPP FPV GoPro Hero FPV Flight Nosehill 01-24-12

    This is a FPV flight with my EPP FPV plane. I am using a GoPro Hero to take the video. My flight cam did not get turned on so I have no idea how high I went, but it looked pretty high up. Actuall...
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