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  • Reading Practice - Toast - Lil Rep

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    After the flash, Repeat and Point! Participate for maximum results!

    Two minutes of focused reading practice is better than 20 minutes of reading with drifting attention, so do your best, then take a break! These efficient and effective reading videos can be easily added to any reading program as a supplemental, fun activity.

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  • Add & Simplify Fractions With Unlike Denominators Play

    A simple method that is the same every time, no matter what fractions are in the problem.
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  • Featured Reading Practice Play

    A range of videos featuring Lil Rep Reading Practice with participation cues and Reading Comprehension for beginners (printable worksheets in description from google docs) .
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  • Addition Lessons Play

    First, a counting exercise. The more you become familiar with numbers through counting, the easier all elementary math will be. Second, the addition lessons with interactive participation cues for beginner math students to improve skills and understanding of single-digit addition.
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  • Subtraction Lessons Play

    This series of subtraction lessons demonstrates a simple method to subtract. First, counting backwards will make subtraction much easier. Next, the subtraction videos give you a chance to practice the method in a novel approach with video. Learning subtraction with participation will be much more effective than just watching.
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