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  • haah, Iv'e never seen Froch so angry !!!

    I don't really like George, but this was quite funny!

    "Adam, is he gonna cry?!" hahaah

    Ringside - George Groves V Carl Froch

    Ringside episode between George Groves and Carl Froch
  • Great video Thomas!

    Thanks for another window into the beauty of Japan!

    Since Iv'e been watching you're videos you have given me so many extra places to put on my list for my next visit!

    Arigatou gozaimasu

    Happo-en - Japanese Garden, Tokyo ● 八芳園 東京

    ► Happo-en is a beautiful Edo style garden located 15 minutes walk from JR Meguro Station or 3 minutes walk from Shirokanedai Metro Station. It's part of a complex that features several wedding ban...
  • Tell you're fat boot of a mum she left her shit stained XXXL knickers in my room last night, the dirty whore.

    And by the way, after she drank all my love piss last night I slapped my big porky pink jonson on her forehead , and called her a good girl.

    Hughie Fury lifts 180kg

    Hughies Fury training
  • fantastic idea!

    Camera @ Sushi bar Tokyo, Shibuya

    • by ferzand
    • 4 years ago
    I put my camera on the moving platter at a Tokyo sushi bar. The result is pretty funny!
  • Very nice video, I wanna visit Japan when it snows!

    Coming of Age Day Japan 2013 - Snow in Harajuku & Shibuya

    Coming of Age Day 2013 in Japan. Tokyo was hit by a snow storm, so we couldn't find too many girls in kimono this year (just lots of pretty snow). If you want to see what Coming of Age Day usually ...
  • Sugoi!

    Haha, Ever since I saw you're "Best of Shinjuku" video Iv'e been very tempted to ask if you would make a Shibuya one too!! But I felt too cheeky to ask! now I don't have to! Arigatou gozaimasu, Thomas-san ^^

    I wish Manchester had as much colour and vibrancy!

    Best of Shibuya, Tokyo ● 渋谷

    ► Shibuya is another huge city within the city of Tokyo, and this one - together with Shinjuku and Ginza - is probably one of the biggest tourist magnets in Tokyo area. Whether you like the area or...
  • evil piece of shit. u deserve hanging

    Malicious attack on 'Predator' cosplay entertainer in Birmingham

    A malicious attack on a 'Predator' cosplay street entertainer outside the Bullring shopping centre in New Street, Birmingham. The street entertainer was attacked and fell on a child who was watchin...
  • Wow! Right above a 7eleven! That sounds like 7eleven-Heaven! I wanna live there too! haha


    Convenience Stores in Japan ● 日本のコンビニ

    ► Convenience Stores in Japan are great, the best, they are super, they are.... convenient!
    What makes them so good are, all the drinks & snacks can be had in tons of different variations and flav...
  • Wow! The lady playing the game had very fast hands! A Ninja in the making for sure!

    maimai+ by SEGA ● マイマイ

    maimai+ is a musicgame released by SEGA, summer 2012. Since then, the game has received numerous updates - as players became more seasoned and needed bigger challenges. These 2 players are regulars...
  • Sugoi video.

    If I win the lottery this weekend I will go on a shopping spree around Ginza haha

    Ginza in 150 Seconds ● 銀座

    ► Ginza is known as an upscale area of Tokyo with tons of department stores, restaurants & cafés, and it's located in eastern part of Tokyo. Ginza is recognized as one of the most luxurious shoppin...
  • Ameyoko Market, Ueno ● アメ横 上野

    ► The "Ameyoko" Market (short for "Ameyayokocho", meaning "Candy Shop Alley") is a market that were once famous for selling all kinds of candies and sweets. In present day, it developed into a more...
  • Sugoi video, thanks

    Travel to Tokyo 2012 ~Complete version~ (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Asakusa, Odaiba and more.)

    Our holiday trip to tokyo metropolis japan in november 2012. Tourist travel tour of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Asakusa, Odaiba, Sensoji temple, tokyo sky tree town, sumida aquarium, hamarikyu ga...
  • Wow! If there was a video version of a dictionary I think this video would explain the word "Beautiful".

    Great camera work Thomas, I think David Attenborough should hire you for his next nature documentary ^_-

    Kiyosumi - Japanese Garden, Tokyo ● 清澄庭園 東京

    ► Kiyosumi Garden is my absolute favorite japanese style garden in greater Tokyo area. It centers around a small lake, on which you can walk around from one small "island" to the next, via small br...
  • So much colour, so much life, and so many great sounds! Nihon ga daisuki desu!

    Akihabara in 150 Seconds ● 秋葉原

    ► Akihabara (or "Akiba" in short) is a small city within the city of Tokyo, that is completely dedicated to anything related to videogames, manga & anime, electronics - even robots, etc. Whether yo...
  • Another great video dosage of Nihon, which helps stabilize my addiction to this Sugoi country! haha, Iv'e not visited Japan for a while, and these videos really help with my craving!

    Arigatou, Thomas-san!

    Seibu Shinjuku Line ● 西武新宿線

    ► This is a quick introduction to the Seibu Shinjuku Line, that runs between the two terminals; Seibu Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, and Hon Kawagoe in Saitama. The line is owned by the private Seibu R...
  • He is just acting tough.

    I think without his mates he is as soft as shit haha

    Adventures in Japan Part One: Osaka

    Part One of "Adventures in Japan" documentary by Jamal Johns. We take an inside look at Osaka Japan's New Years celebration. Stay tuned for future documentary footage of Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo....
  • Please do not kill yourselves Japanese people. You never know what kind of happiness you may find in life. Be positive, and enjoy the good things in life.

    Love from England

    自殺者1万人を救う戦い - SAVING 10,000 - Winning a War on Suicide in Japan

    SAVING 10,000 - 自殺者1万人を救う戦い Selected in Japan Times "Top 10 Movies of 2013" - Nominated for 12 film festival awards - Screened at Japanese Parliament - Used in Government's 2013 Suicide Prevention ...
    • CC
  • I think you're tats are sugoi mate.

    I don't understand why Japanese think its unsociable for white people to have them considering there are no whites in the yakuza...

    My mate has C.F.C(chelsea football club) and a bulldogs head tattooed on the back of his head, along with loads of other tats on his body , I would love to see Japanese peoples reactions if he visited Japan haha


    Tattooed Gaijin: JFAQ95

    3 gaijin explain what its like being inked in japan.

    intro song and all pics contained within are property of unrested.

    all music provided by blind witness. please support them by listening ...
  • I know my cock wouldn't, too thick

    The Darkside of Japan: JFAQ46

    Every country has its darkside. this is japan's.

    qchome (4 days ago) Show Hide
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    some sidebar notes;
    -to most japanese workers saturday...
  • I'm English, and love Japan.

    I've been there twice, and 99.999% of the Japanese people are fiendly, or just ignore you. But ofcourse, just like in any other country, there is that 0.0001% of the population who are wankers.

    Something I did notice in Japan was that pakis or other Arabic guys seemed to really glare at me with nasty expressions, much more so than they would in England. I guess its because muslims are accepted by Japanese, and so their confidence grows while being there, nobs.

    Not so fun facts about Japan

    • by Omki
    • 5 years ago
    Something you should know about being white in Japan.
  • Haha! Thats exactly how I feel. Iv'e been twice, and now feel as though I need to visit Japan every year!

    My urge for Japan builds and builds, but these videos help calm my urge down a bit haha

    Hot Shibuya ● HD

    All the elements of Shibuya condensed during a short stroll on a hot summer afternoon : noise, glitters, sexy girls with very short skirts, some faces with crazy amount of makeup, lost foreigners.....
  • Thanks Thomas, I now have another place to visit added on my list for when I visit next April!

    You captured the Statues expression perfectly, which makes it look almost alive!

    Very mystical.

    I will look out for any other videos you make. Kiotsukete

    Great Buddha of Kamakura ● 鎌倉大仏

    ► The Great Buddha is located in Hase, Kamakura 鎌倉大仏
    It is from year 1252, made of bronze, and stands approx. 14 meters (44 ft.) tall.

    This video is basically an update/remake, as I already upl...
  • Great video! I first visited Japan in 2011, and went back in december 2012, but I wanna go back more and more and more haha.

    I truly think Japan is the most amazing, mysterious, mystical, sense tingling and fascinating country in the world. I'm from Manchster in England, and have visited other European cities, but none are as sense tingling and exciting as you're wonderful sugoi country. Thanks for sharing the video. Kiotsukete.


    In and around JR Shinjuku Station. You can see the West, East, and South Gates (there is no North gate) of the station in this video. Also, large sections of Kabukicho are seen.

    This is the nei...
  • I know I earn much more money than you, and I don't actually live in the Uk, I am currently earning a shit load of money in Japan, and soon I will be starting a contract in Australia - thats all you and I need to know hahaah. But I can also guess you're as soft as shit, and couldn't fight you're way out of a paper bag haha.

    And It's America taking backwards steps you fuking fool, you're economy is on the verge of massive collpse , and you don't even know because you're as dumb as fuk ha

  • Bullshit, everyone knows who invented them - the British

    Why do the British hate Americans - UK vs US

    Why do the British hate Americans? well....we don't really..but it's fun to act as if we do believe all the stereotypes and there are endless jokes and the Americans are just so easy to mock and ma...
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